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Gadget Fu: the Bluesmart Carry-On

So we previously mentioned a solar charging backpack you could carry around and travel with, right? Well we found another crowd-funded “smart bag” you might be interested in – the Bluesmart Smart Connected Carry-on.

20140929173210-13-1This bag was specifically designed to traveling alongside you in your airport travels (which can be difficult enough). This bag is, as they describe it, a “…high quality carry-on suitcase that you can control from your phone like a boss.”

It comes with both an Android and iOS compatible app that can lock and unlock your bag, track your bags location, lock your bag if it gets too far from you, weigh your bag and also keep track of your travel habits, miles, locations, etc. Bluesmart advises the bag also features a built in battery that can charge your phone 6 times on one charge or charge 2 larger devices like your tablet or laptop at the same time.


The bag seems like it was made to withstand tough love while easing the rigors of constant travel. Made of 3 layers of polycarbonate, waterproof zippers, anodized aluminum handles, and 4 spinning wheels, it was intended to go anywhere with you and still keep your belongings safe and secure.


Perhaps more importantly, it was also designed to make security checkpoint transition a little easier (we all know how fun that is). The Bluesmart bag has a compartment in the front of the bag specifically for your laptops and tablets; it also meets TSA and international regulations.


The IndieGoGo campaign was fully funded, but they have extended the project. The Bluesmart Carry-On can be found on this IndieGoGo site.








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