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Gadget Fu – the Toolbox Hairclip

It's a multi-tool for the discerning person's coiffure.

Ladies, this is a gadget that will be mostly for (though not entirely limited to) you. Most of you carry around extra clips (if you’re not already wearing them), but how many of you carry a screwdriver, knife, trolley coin, ruler, and a wrench everywhere you go? Yaacov Goldberg has created a stainless steel solution: the Leatherdos.


The Leatherdos is a small clip that has a flat Phillips screwdriver, a small and large flathead screwdriver, a serrated blade edge as a tiny knife, a trolley coin, a ruler, and an 8mm (5/16) wrench all built. Monkey Business Design describes it as a “multi functional hair clip that doubles as a tool box”.


The Leatherdos is being sold for $9 a clip, and you can find the clip and Monkey Business Design’s website or their Facebook page. Monkey Business also has several other social media avenues for you to check out. They're all linked on their webpage.

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