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Game of Thrones: Season 4 and a Survey

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Today we get our nerd on.

Season 4 of the now iconic fantasy series Game of Thrones begins on HBO. The popularity of the show, which appeals to viewers from so many demographics and backgrounds, is frequently surprising to people who haven't watched it (or read the books, which are excellent). Though one might think equating GoT with the “gun culture” is a non sequitur, it is not.  The show is watched by lots of armed citizens, military personnel, LEOs and of course blade lovers (you should see all the Valar Morghulis shirts worn at the various blade shows).

Talk now, of course, is how the series will proceed in the future. Author George R.R. Martin is notorious for taking longer than estimated to finish his novels, and on more then on occasion has further widened the overlapping, tangled plots just when readers thought he was going to begin tidying them up. Many readers fear Game of Thrones (the books, not the series) may go the way of equally epic series Wheel of Time, whose author Robert Jordan died before finishing the series (which would make things problematic, in addition to being tragic). Obviously we hope Martin sticks around a loooong time.Perfectly happy to have the series go to 10 books,with any number of additional Hedge Knight novellas.

Here's the Season 4 trailer if you haven't seen it – watch it, then answer the questions below.

1. If Tyrion had a concealed carry permit, what would his choice of pistol and holster be?

2. If you could have any one American-made rifle custom built for you from Valyrian steel, who would make it and what would the model/caliber be?

3. Oberyn Martell can carry one American made fixed blade and one folder – what 2 blades would he choose?

4. What would the issue rifle be for the Unsullied, the Night Watch and the King's Guard?

5. What would Hodor say if you asked him which tactical course (Viking Tactics, Victory First, Sentinel Concepts, Alias Training, I.C.E. Training,  Dynamic Pie Concepts, Graham Combat, etc.) he most wanted to attend?

If you're looking for something to read, check out Martin's other Westeros stories, The Tales of Dunk and Egg: The Hedge Knight (Silverberg's Legends I), The Sworn Sword (in Legends II), The Mystery Knight (in Warriors I).

After all, “…a mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone if it is to keep its edge…”

Game of Thrones is on Facebook here. Official website is here.

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