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Madhouse Design GCS Gun Control System

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From Grant's Pass, Oregon and Madhouse Design ( comes the GCS Gun Control System. Described by Madhouse Design as the “…only gun control that works”, the GCS is a rod (or series of rods)by which you can secure handguns via their barrel. The pistol mount pin is described as CNC machined 303 stainless steel with a soft rubber over-mold to protect the weapon (without trying one of course we cannot say how it would affect any rifling). The pins are interchangeable by weapon size, fitting barrels from .22 to .45, and are mounted to a swiveling body that locks into 7 different positions in 30 degree increments. It can also be locked out and free floated for manipulation.

Madhouse Design Gun Control System 6Madhouse Design Gun Control System 1

A single mount GCS package retails from $49. Here's how Madhouse Design's Joe Pickett describes them:

“[They are]…100% made in America, highest quality machining possible and the best materials used. The barrel rods are nitroinfused rubber coated to protect your barrel, and the rods can be swapped out so you change your rod to fit the firearm you want to carry instead of buying a whole new unit. These go great in the car, office, home, shop, boat, anywhere you want to have a gun at the ready but still tucked neatly away. When inverted they make a great holder for under your desk unlike those cheap clumsy magnets that don't work worth a crap and drop your gun when bumped. With a Spring loaded detent and multi positional system it makes for over a dozen mounting possibilities.

On top of the high quality manufacture process they also look great and everyone who lays eyes on yours will be wanting one for themselves!! I have one on side of my nightstand next to bed, on side of console in my truck and on side of my tool box at shop.”

Madhouse Design Gun Control System 7 Madhouse Design Gun Control System 8Madhouse Design Gun Control System 3Madhouse Design Gun Control System 5

The GSC isn't all Madhouse Design builds. They also manufacture muzzle devices, gun rests and a “dual sight system.” All appears to be Made in the USA.

Madhouse Design Muzzle Devices 2


Madhouse Design Dual Sight System

Madhouse Design Muzzle Devices

Build the GCS Gun Control System

As described by Madhouse Design

Single Pistol Mount.  Ready to mount anywhere you can imagine for quick access.  Under your desk, side of night stand or the bed, in the cabinet, closet, truck, RV….you get the idea.  (Order 2 inch single rail, swivel body, and pin caliber needed.)

Multiple Pistol Mount.  Rail lengths in 1 foot increments, up to 4 feet, for multiple weapon storage vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.  Perfect for retail display, safe rooms, vaults, under shelves, or anywhere you want to store or display your collection.  (Order rail length, swivel bodies and pins as needed.  1-4 foot rails are not pre-drilled.)

Safe Door Mount.  Double rail configuration  mounts securely from the top of door and works with any door width.  Accommodate up to 12 pistols in a versatile and compact manner without taking up valuable safe space.  (Order safe door mount, swivel bodies and pins as needed.)

Custom Mount.  Up to 12 foot rail lengths available for custom configurations.  (Please call for pricing.)

  • Compact, solid, versatile
  • Precision machined components
  • Protective over-mold
  • Unlimited Combinations
  • 4 Sizes: 22 (.22 caliber), 9MM (9MM, .357, and .38 calibers), 40 (.40 and 10MM calibers), and 45 (.45 caliber)

Learn more or purchase one if you are so inclined here. You can also visit them on Facebook.

Madhouse Design Gun Control System 2

Madhouse Design Gun Control System 9

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