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GDC- the new “Gerber Daily Carry”

Gerber, Portland Oregon's well known knife tool and outdoor gear manufacturer, has come out with their own series of EDC gear. It's called the GDC or “Gerber Daily Carry” line (see what they did there?). There are 6 GDC items. You can buy them singly or collected in a kit. All look interesting and have potential but the Zip pieces seem particularly appealing (especially in jacket weather, or for attachment to a day pack).

The current GDC series is:

  • Zip Blade- can be used for cutting boxes or wire
  • Zip Driver- basic screwdriver set that comes with 2 phillips and 2 flat heads
  • Zip Hex- has the 5 most used metric allen wrenches
  • Zip Light- Led light with bottle opener
  • Tech Skin Pocket Knife- for general daily use
  • Hook Knife- to cut out of clothing or safety straps

Most of the tools have a quick-release clip to attach to keychains, backpacks, zippers, etc. and range from about 2 to 2.5 inches long (excluding the pocket knife). The tools in the line can be bought individually from between $11 and $32 (plus tax), but can also be purchased in the complete kit. The kit includes a Dakine backpack (on its own $85) with all the listed tools included, priced at $119. To see more visit Gerber’s GDC web page or visit their Facebook page. Check out the videos below.

GDC Hook Knife

GDC Tech Skin Pocket Knife

GDC Zip Blade

GDC Zip Driver

GDC Zip Hex

GDC Zip Light

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