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GEMTECH’s new Blast Jacket

GEMTECH, the Idaho-based manufacturer of suppressors and silencer accessories, has announced the release of their newest accessory, the ‘Blast Jacket'. The Blast Jacket is an all-titanium “sheath” of sorts that fits over all existing GEMTECH flash hiders and brakes (including the Jake Brake). It's purpose is to direct muzzle blast forward and and away from people in proximity to the weapon, including other shooters on the line. It is also intended to mitigate the cloud of dust or debris that can be created when shooting from the prone position. Currently available in black or FDE (Flat Dark Earth), the Blast Jacket weighs 3.5 oz., features a quick detach mounting system and is, according to GEMTECH, capable of a million compressions. GEMTECH explains that the choice of titanium was made minimize weight on the muzzle and to prevent any point of impact shifts.Gemtech Blast Jacket 2

This is a quick video showing off the Blast Jacket features.

Here's Jake from GEMTECH explaining the Blast Jacket as it's used in the field.

GEMTECH advises they are working on a slow motion video to better demonstrate its effects in action.

Gemtech Blast Jacket 3

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