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UF Pro: Gen 2 Monsoon Jacket

Just in time for snivel kit season! If you're in the market for some inclement weather gear, you may want to check out UF Pro. They've released some new kit, including the Gen 2 Monsoon Jacket (XT).

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UF Pro: Gen 2 Monsoon Gen 2 Jacket

Here’s what they want you to know about the Monsoon and the Gen 2 Monsoon Jacket (XT).

The two jackets differ in material and cut; the XT version is the more robust version, whereas the Monsoon jacket offers a more civilian look. Both jackets are made out of a 3-layer Gore-Tex laminate which offers a hydrostatic head of 150m, equivalent to a water column up to 15 bar, without any water penetration and great breathability capabilities. But the Monsoon Jackets don’t only bring great materials and waterproof construction to the table. Two features really set the jackets apart from all the rest.

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The hood has an integrated system, which the folks at UF Pro call the Hood/Harness. The harness works as a base cap, you simply adjust it according to your head size and when you wear it, the hood follows your neck movements, without the need to strap the hood to your head. Since the laminate isn’t directly in touch with your head, air circulation and your ability to hear is still intact, even while wearing a hood. The other feature is called the air/pac insert. This 8mm thick mesh inserts in the shoulder area distribute the weight of plate carriers or backpacks and prevent the formation of thermal bridges. With the new Monsoon generation, UF Pro glues the pocket configuration onto the jacket, instead of seam sealing them. This makes the pocket configuration extremely water resistant and the jackets even lighter.

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The price for the new Monsoon Jackets starts at 440.00€ and they are available in Black, Brown- Grey and MutliCam.

You can find UF Pro online here.

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