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GeoSpark and GeoDome by 12 Survivors

12 Survivors has introduced a line of lights for hikers, campers, and preppers.  Both lights feature long run times and run on commonly available AA or AAA batteries.


The GeoSpark Flashlight features 150 lumen high illumination and 50 lumen low illumination modes.  It also has an SOS mode that can last up to 10 hours.  The tail switch glows in the dark, aiding the user in finding it.  It has a water proof rating of IP67 and can last up to one hour submerged under 1 meter of water.

The GeoDome camping lantern features 150 lumen, 100 lumen, 50 lumen, strobe and SOS modes.  This unit features a hanging clip and magnetic back to make mounting it in your tent or shelter easy.

For more information visit 12 Survivors website here.

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