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Get it done with the new Multitasker Twist

Heading to the range, to a shooting class or out on a patrol, there's a lot of stuff to bring along. Your tactical picnic basket is overflowing with primary equipment, contingency gear, and some nice-to-haves. There's no question that a few tools will come in handy, but when when space and weight are an issue it's time to pare down.

The Multitasker Twist offers enough capability to justify the space it occupies; no more, no less. Slipping it into PALS field on a pack, battle belt or armor carrier means you've got the ability to make an adjustment or do some minor maintenance in the field with a tool that takes up as much space as a Sharpie.


If the Twist looks familiar, that's because it's the evolution of the Multitasker Tube. It improves on its predecessor in a few small, but meaningful ways. The biggest improvement is the addition of onboard tool storage within it's anodized aluminum body. The tool is also a little bit shorter, but adds a dual-boss spanner on the cap to adjust the turrets on Aimpoint's Micro T and H series sights.

Aside from the Aimpoint nubs, the Twist itself houses a 1/4-inch bit driver, a flat head screwdriver disguised as a pocket clip and three tools that screw into an Otis compatible 8-32 male threaded post on the end of the tool. These are an angled carbon scraper, a dental pick, and a 3/32-inch punch (a.k.a. a Glock tool).

The Twist includes an array of popular hex bits used for adjusting all manner of rifle accessories including, 3/16 & 3/32-inch slotted screwdrivers, No. 1 Phillips, T15 & T10 Torx, 3/16″, 9/64″, 1/8″, 7/64″, 3/32″ hex bits.

Anyone that's had to zero their T-1 on a cold morning understands the worth of the Aimpoint tool. It's value can be measured in the amount of minutes it takes to find one of those Aimpoint Micro turret caps in the grass or gravel.


I found the Torx and hex bits useful for working with optic mounts and all manner of M-LOK, KeyMod and 1913 rail mounted accessories. The slotted screw driver came in handy at a class when I noticed my SureFire XC1 was getting a little loose (I should have put a dab of blue thread lock on the screw.) That same class, I used the punch to swap out a trigger spring and connector in a friend's Glock. I even used the carbon scraper to clean the bolt on my AR; but, I'll admit that I only did it because of the novelty. I seldom get that into cleaning my guns.

There are some nice touches in the Twist that show Multitasker Tools knows its niche. O-rings keep the caps positively in place, and there's just enough knurling on the tool body for a working grip, but not so much that it trashes the gear it's clipped to. For such a little tool, the Twist punches well above its weight. Sure, the Multitasker Series 3 can do the same duty, but the Twist did the work I needed at a quarter the size and with less weight. And, a tool in the pocket is worth three in the pack.

The Twist will be available in mid-December with an MSRP of $59.95. Keep an eye on and follow @multitaskertools on Instagram for more information.

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