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Give’r Frontier Mittens

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Having warm hands is an absolute must when you're out in the cold. But usually has to be compromises. It's the “warm, durable, stylish” triangle. You can have one or maybe two points on the triangle but not all three. That is where Give’r Gloves comes in. They make comfortable, versatile, and durable waterproof, all-leather, insulated gloves and mittens.

The mittens start out with durable cowhide. Leather is a perfect material for durability and protection. It won’t melt under high temperatures or next to a flame. It is extremely abrasion resistant hence why motorcycle gear is made of leather. Leather looks better as it ages and develops a beautiful patina.

Next Give’r adds a waterproof membrane to make sure your fingers stay dry. Furthermore, they add a proprietary hand-waxed finish made of natural beeswax. This is all followed up with a heat shield backing and premium insulation. The combination of these two final layers allows you to hang onto hot items like a cast iron skillet or adjust a log in the fire while maintaining that warmth we all seek. Now you can have all three points of that “Warm, durable, stylish” triangle that you thought was never possible. Give’r has put some thought in to their mittens.

The mitten has a reinforced palm with stabilization stitching on one side. The outside of the mitten has a reinforced front for as they say “knuckle-dragging” which translates to me scraping and hitting them on anything and everything when I am out in the wilderness. In addition, they have a leather tab stitched into the ribbed cuff making pulling them on super easy. They receive extra style points for the hand-branded initials, steel D-Ring (storage, leashes for carrying, etc) and reverse embossed logo. All these things add up to one stylish bombproof glove.

There is one thing that I must mention. These Mittens are bombproof, and with that comes a break-in period. Just like with any well-made leather boot or jacket the user must wear them for a period of time before they conform to your hand and give you full dexterity. When I put them on they were stiff for a few days and my movements were a bit clumsy. After the initial “break in” there was no problem using them for everyday tasks such as opening doors, zipping zippers, chopping wood and several other bushcraft type activities that I did with the gloves.

These mittens are perfect for winter activity where you don’t immediately need a trigger finger. The applicability of a great pair of mittens is endless from camping, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, and definitely winter moto sports. Often I find myself gravitating toward warmer mittens during the winter months especially when I am out and about. There is something comforting and sleeping bag-esque about the Frontier mittens.

It doesn’t get super cold in my neck of the woods, only down to the low 30s. I was trying to think of how to test to see if these mittens would keep my hands warm in really cold weather. Luckily on my commute into work the other morning it was 34 degrees out. I decided to put my Give’r Frontier mittens on and stick my hand out the window. On average my car was traveling at 45-50 mph. I’m happy to report that my arm was freezing, but my hands were nice and warm. Taking these out to the mountain was a no brainer. Being up in the cold and snow I felt no pain. My fingers were toasty warm and dry. Give’r has videos of their crew dipping them in streams and throwing logs on the fire to prove that they hold up under extreme conditions. I can say without a doubt they did.

Give’r Frontier Mittens’ Kickstarter Campaign is just wrapping up but you can snag a pair over on their website. They also offer custom branding of your initials for a few dollars more adding extra style points to the already stylish mitten.

Give’r Frontier Mittens
MSPR- $118

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