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Glock 43 Holster Roundup Part I

Over the next couple of months I'll be attending a series of handgun courses. Some basic CCW type stuff, a more advanced VCQB (Vehicle Close Quarters Battle) class, some one day clinics, etc. I'll be carrying one of the new Glock 43s through all of them (and will also be letting other shooters of various body types and experience use them). Obviously a good holster is a necessity for this, so I've been looking to see who had G43 compatible rigs available. I've been a Raven VanGuard 2 man almost exclusively since the VG2 came out; when not using the VG2 I've recently been running an Eidolon (also Raven) to review and I sometimes still carry a Bloodline from Pitbull Tactical depending on who I'm on the range with. My various minions have their own preferred holsters, so I'm often switching things around.

When looking for a G43 holster this time I thought I'd cast a wider net and see who else/what else was out there. So, I asked around and received a number of suggestions from friends and peers in the industry. The first ‘wave' of holsters for the comparison-roundup arrived yesterday. I'll provide a brief overview of each and explain further after I've had time to try 'em out. Some of these holsters are not yet available on the respective companies' websites for purchase, so I have not always been able to provide a direct link.

The first one to arrive was this Kydex holster from Tulster. It actually didn't come in the mail – Steve Aryan of Greyfox Industries dropped it by the office. Tulster (online here and on Facebook here) is headquartered in Jenks, OK, a suburb of Tulsa. This is their Profile model IWB holster. They're available in 20+ colors, right or ‘wrong' handed (their terminology, not mine), for several models of handguns. Normally I'm leery of trying gear from a Kydex company I haven't tried before. Contrary to what some people say, there's more to it than just ‘form fitting Kydex' to a weapon or tool – bad holsters abound. That doesn't seem to be the case with this Tulster rig, however – it's got a good, crisp snap when the weapon is holstered, fits very well and has a very nicely finished, clean exterior. It does not provide any mechanism for adjusting fit, cant or ride (which would be a deal-breaker for some people). We'll see how comfortable it is in the coming weeks.

Tulster-Glock 43 Holster - 03

Tulster-Glock 43 Holster - 04

Tulster-Glock 43 Holster - 05

The first mailed package to hit my porch was from the well know Springfield, MO manufacturer Crossbreed. There were 2 holsters in it – a modular, hook-and-loop backed Kydex holster and belly band and another AIWB Kydex-and-leather holster rig almost identical to the MiniTuck, but with just one belt hook where the MiniTuck and SuperTuck have 2. Construction looks good at first glance and I'm looking forward to trying out the mixed leather and Kydex (I haven't tried one of those before). Fit on both is good, though without the same tight snap of the Tulster, and while I'm not someone who ever uses a bellyband by choice I know CCW carriers who do – and the modularity of the holster piece means I can move the weapon to a courier back, the Velcro on my soft armor, etc. even if I'm not using the bellyband proper. In addition to the actual gear, the Crossbreed pieces arrived with some “care and feeding and adjustment” instructions as well as a $25 membership coupon for the NRA, a nice touch.

Crossbreed - Glock 43 - 05  Crossbreed - Glock 43 - 03

Crossbreed - Glock 43 - 07

Crossbreed - Glock 43 - 06

Crossbreed - Glock 43 - 04The final package to arrive came to me courtesy of Predator Intelligence (which is, incidentally, one of the places I order gear if doing so online). It contained a couple of holsters from DeSantis Gunhide. The holsters in this package were the SOF-TUCK IWB holster and a Superfly pocket holster – I think it's pretty interesting that we've come to the point that only one of a dozen holsters I'll be trying out is completely leather, and having worn nothing but Kydex for several years now I'm interested to see what I think now of something I once (a long time ago) used exclusively. The SOF-TUCK has nowhere near the passive retention qualities of a Kydex rig, of course, but there are many people who find a leather holster far more comfortable (which means they're more likely to actually carry their gun). The pocket holster is also a welcome addition to the lineup because I do on occasion ‘pocket carry' (though admittedly until now it's always been a S&W 37-2 snubby in my pocket rather than a semi-auto). The Superfly's exterior is a rubberized fabric that (so far) has held it firmly in place and a reversible flap designed to help disguise the shape of the holster once it's in the pocket – we'll see if the extra bulk it adds is worth the tradeoff.

DeSantis - Glock 43 Holster - 01

DeSantis - Glock 43 Holster - 06

DeSantis - Glock 43 Holster - 05

DeSantis - Glock 43 Holster - 04

DeSantis - Glock 43 Holster - 02

DeSantis - Glock 43 Holster - 03

Stand by for further. There are other holsters inbound from the inestimable PHLster, Blackpoint, Delta Concepts and Raven Concealment Systems, and some Taran Tactical goodness too.

RECOIL - Glock 43 holster roundup part 1 - 01

1. Crossbreed modified MiniTuck.

2. DeSantis Gunhide SOF-TUCK.

3. DeSantis Gunhide Superfly.

4. Crossbreed/I.C.E. Bellyband.

5. Tulster Profile.

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