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Go falconing, win some Combat Flip Flops, remove some UXOs

I have mentioned before just how awful my Combat Flip Flops were. They really are bad for running and worse for fighting.

That's for normal mortals, however. It should come as no surprise that a man feared and revered by sharks (they have a whole week named after him) would enjoy Combat Flip Flops – nor that he is part of a group that removes and landmines and UXOs (Unexploded Ordnance) from conflict zones all around the world – nearly 3 million to date.  Want to go on a “legendary falconry trip” with the Most Interesting Man in the world? Win an autographed set of Combat Flip Flops, support Mines Advisory Group while you're doing so and go spend some time with the Most Interesting Man in the World (sorry Yancey, your jurisdiction is only Arizona).

Your entry in Jonathan Goldsmith Prizeo campaign contributes to clearing 56,000 square meters of land.

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