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Go Full Windsor with CFF’s Chest Rig

We cannot advise if you can use one of these bad boys as a garrote. We're pretty sure they're too short to fast-rope or abseil with. It is certainly possible you could tie an M69 onto one and bludgeon an attacker to death with it.

Or you could just wear it.

Windsor, Balthus or for you over-achievers the Boutonniere or Eldredge…whatever knot you choose, this might just be the perfect necktie to tie it with.

This is the Combat Flips Flops “Chest Rig.” It's not the sort of chest rig these guys wear:

Rhodesian SAS chest rigs

It's a different chest rig entirely. Built for the man engaging in boardroom warfare, the Chest Rig is available in four battle-hardened colors: Agency Black, Scorched Earth, Claymore Green and Grey Man.

They're veteran designed, veteran made here in the USA from hemp and recycled plastic bottles. The veterans crafting the ties are transitioning in a vocational rehab training program.

Chest Rig Neck tie 2

At $36.99 they're priced at a nice place between Charvet Place Vendôme and a Wal-Mart clip-on. Buy yours here.

Chest Rig Neck tie

Here's something that will help you with that new purchase.

Need some more ideas what to do with your CFF Chest Rig? Check these out.

You can learn more about Combat Flip Flops here online, here on Facebook on Instagram (@combatflipflops) or on YouTube. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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