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Go Learn, Atlanta: Defensive Handgun

Summer is coming to an end. The kids will soon be back at school if they haven't already; have you attended any professional training yet this season? If not, maybe consider Defensive Handgun Fundamentals and Defensive Handgun I in Atlanta at end of the month with Sage Dynamics. Classes are $225 each or $400 for both in combination.

The Fundamentals course is intended for those with little or no formal experience operating a handgun. You'll learn safe handling and efficient operation of both semi-autos and revolvers, and will cover such topics as real world vs. range safety, equipment selection, carry positions and cover garments, stress effects on the body, threat anatomy, marksmanship fundamentals, considerations of actions after a deadly force encounter and a lot more.

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Defensive Handgun I  picks up where Defensive Handgun Fundamentals leaves off. In this course, students will be required to perform in less-than-ideal shooting positions against less-than-ideal threats, fully utilizing the 3D nature of training. You'll focus mostly on practical application of the fundamentals while movement and under stress. Topics will include the Sympathetic Nervous System, weapon operation after catastrophic malfunction, the reality vs. academic perception of the OODA loop, practical vs. precision accuracy, ammunition management, Occam's Razor in the context of force confrontations and planning, explosive movement and shooting on the move, use of cover, identifying ideal and workable cover/concealment, defense of third parties, managing multiple threats (360 environment, shoot/don’t shoot situational recognition and a hell of a lot more.

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It might seem like you're drinking from the firehose, but it will be money well spent. Note that Sage Dynamics offers Gen 4 Glock 17 handguns for rental, the fee is $50.00 per day. All students will be subject to a criminal background check. To register for either course, contact to [email protected]

Sage Dynamics is on Instagram (@sagedynamics), Facebook and YouTube.

There's a hell of a lot to do in Atlanta, but if you haven't tried it already (or if you're coming in from out of town to attend this course) you might oughta check out the Bone Garden Cantina. It's badass.

Bone Garden Cantina

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