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Go Learn: Talon’s “Close Quarter Home Defense”

Do you have plans for July yet? Going to be anywhere near Calera, Alabama during that time frame?

Check out the Close Quarter Home Defense course from Talon Defense, to be held July 18th and 19th at the Double Tap Training Grounds. Talon Defense is headquartered in Gadsden, Alabama. I've heard a lot of good things about them. Here are a few pics from one course I personally would be interested in taking – “Injured Shooter.”

Talon Defense Injured Shooter 2

Talon Defense Injured Shooter 3

Talon Defense Injured Shooter 6

Don't want to do that July class or have a scheduling conflict? Take one of their others – they run several classes every month, in a variety of locations: Handgun Skill Builder in Gallant, Alabama; Vehicle Counter-Ambush Course in Watkinsville, Georgia; “Brass & Blood, Fighting & Fixing” TCCC at the Alabama Tactical Officers Association in Columbia, AL.

More on the CQHD class here. Lots of training options, as I'm trying to show with the Go Learn series. Find a good, affordable class somewhere and take it. Plan that Spring Training (or Summer Training, or Autumn Training, or…) now.  Do something with your firearm, but don't neglect everything else. As Pocket Doc preaches, you're more likely to us a bandage than a gun; as many DT instructors would say, training with your firearm and ignoring your basic fitness and ability to defend yourself physically is just silly. Tracking helps situational awareness, verbal judo can talk you out of a fight or delay one until you get some help, driving skills are valuable just about every day – you get the point.

Go learn something, even if your budget only allows for dryfire and a DVD.

Talon Defense Injured Shooter 4

Talon Defense Injured Shooter 5

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