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Going Hot 27 – Coming Soon

Issue #26 focused on the COMBLOC side of things, like Kalashnikovs and Petronovs and 7.62 x 39mm ammo — and Elena Romanova.

elena-romanova-issue26-1 elena-romanova-issue26-2

The lovely Ms. Romanova (@elena88c, photographed here by Jorge Nuñez), appeared in the GOING HOT section with a Billet Rifle Systems (@billet_rifle_systems) BRS47 long gun loaded up with all sorts of goodies; Mission First Tactical (@teammfer) BMS MilSpec w/NRAT STrap, Engage AR15/M16 Pistol Grip v2, Flip Up Front sight W/E and a POLY Flip Up rear sight. You might also recognize the Strike Industries (@strikeindustries_si) AR Enhanced Ultimate Dust Cover and of course Magpul AK/AKM MOE PMAG. The optic up top is a ROMEO4a, from Sig Sauer (@sigsaueroptics), with the whole thing churched up by Nevada Cerakote (@nevada_cerakote).

So, not too long ago we wrapped our Going Hot shoot for issue #27. and figured maybe you'd like a sneak peak. Our feature model in the upcoming issue is a shooter — meaning she knows her way around her weapons and more importantly is proficient in their use. She's also a passionate supporter of veteran causes, is a SCUBA diver and a lady who loves to travel.

Going Hot 27 - Coming Soon 5

You'll receive a full write-up after number 27 hits the stands. Meantime here's a look of what's headed your way.

Going Hot 27 – Coming Soon


Going Hot 27 - Coming Soon 4 Going Hot 27 - Coming Soon 6

Going Hot 27 - Coming Soon 2

Going Hot 27 - Coming Soon 3Going Hot 27 - Coming Soon 7

See you on the newsstands.

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