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Gadget Fu: GoldEye Bar Emergency Solar Power Bank

Renewable energy is a fascinating topic. It's hard to argue the need for more technologies that incorporate it; technologies like the GoldEye Bar. Having the ability to jump start your car to escape a horde of zombies, or turning on a scientist’s dead laptop to download that viruses’ genome to save the world is important to plan for…

But, let’s think of the more common scenarios where we’d need emergency power…

Being able to have a backup, renewable source of electricity is handy in many real-life situations such as, camping or that hunting trip when your cellphone is dead, at home and the power is out, driving and your car breaks down or just to be greener – plus converting sunlight is a lot easier than humping extra batteries in your gear.

The GoldEye Bar has a high capacity battery of 16 000 MAH (with a goal to improve it) and an over-charging protection. It’s sleek and light but shock resistant while being durable enough to use in very cold and hot weather.

Read on below to learn more about this cool little gadget.


GoldEye Bar Emergency Solar Power Bank

The GoldEye Bar is the first intelligent solar power bank that has the capacity to charge all laptops and has USB-C compatibility feature for smart laptops.

Our compact Energy Bar is encased with a highly sensitive solar panel so you can stay independent and have the best camping experience ever. High-sensitivity solar panel will absorb sunlight, even the smallest ray of light touching it will begin the recharge GoldEye or even when it’s turned off.  The Swiss Army Knife of Energy needs will provide 16 000 MAH capacity to boost 99% of devices AND boost a car also! Designed to fit in your pocket or backpack, it weights at about 1.5 lbs. As well, the GoldEye Bar has got you safe with its 3 added LED lights (flashing, blinking and emergency SOS)!


goldeyejumpstart- Copy

The battery becomes fully charged from an outlet or in a car after about 3-4 hours; it takes about 2 days under the sun.

Goldeye Bar is an electronic device designed as a multi-functional power bank that jump-starts most engines even small boats and diesel trucks. It is the ultimate energy solution providing up to 19 Volts of charging power to electric and electronic devices like to laptops, mobiles phones, digital cameras, e-book readers, and other appliances. The Future is Bright!

GoldEye Bar provides DC out volt 5V, 12V, 16V, 19V; which are compatible with the majority of electric/electronic devices.

For more information or to back, go to their Kickstarter, Website, Facebook or Twitter.

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