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GoRuck Shadow Series

GORUCK has a released a new line of rucks- the Shadow Series. The larger bag of the line, the ShadowRuck, is described as a durable book bag built to be folded or rolled up and packed into larger rucks. Unlike many of the other rucks available, they don’t feature MOLLE or laptop compartments, but “just basic GORUCK quality”.

Shadow Ruck

A solution for those seeking compartmentalization options is the Shadow Pocket, another product of the Shadow series. These smaller pouches are designed to collapse down for storage and can also be stacked inside of each other “Russian doll-style”. The pockets can be rolled, crunched, or folded, “yet retaining the resiliency of 1000D CORDURA”.

Shadow Pockets S-L

The Shadow Ruck and Pocket each come in different sizes. The Ruck is available in 3 models- SD15, SD20, SD25 (15, 20, and 25 liters) and start at $65. The Pocket starts at $24 and has 4 different sizes ranging from 2 to 5 liters.

GORUCK is a company founded in 2008 by Special Forces veteran Jason McCarthy. His goals were to “serve as a voice for good, employ more Veterans of Special Operations than any organization outside the US military, and build a bridge between the military and civilian worlds”.  He started towards this goal with the first GORUCK product manufactured for sales, the GR1, released in May of 2010. Shortly thereafter GORUCK held its first GORUCK challenge, which began the whole chain of hosted challenge events GORUCK is now so well known for.  GORUCK has now employed 70+ “Special Forces Cadre” and has many quality products on the market. These GORUCK staffers are described “decorated combat Veterans of Special Operations” are tasked to “teach people how to overcome adversity as individuals and as teammates…Building Better Americans”.

GORUCK Teamwork

You can see these and other Rucks, as well as keep up to date about GORUCK events and challenges on their website or Facebook page.

Shadow Pocket in use

Shadow Pocket posing

Shadow Ruck in use


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