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Graham Combat – the Taste of Quitting

“I like the idea of quitting, but not the taste.”

The latest installment of Matt Graham‘s The Trade went live last week. As usual, it is neither quite a cautionary tale nor keenly articulated piece of life advice. As usual it's succinct, thought provoking and something you should probably read a couple of times.

Know the difference, Graham says, between stopping and quitting.

‘One of the biggest keys to our success with conquering obstacles before us is recognizing the difference between stopping and quitting. If you look back on the things you have quit in your life I believe you will find, like me, you didn’t quit them, you stopped them. And that is a powerful distinction. We ask in our ARAINDROP course how often do you stay with something you know is not working before you do something else? It is not an exercise in failure, it is a practice of recognition.In that learning we are not advocating you quit and abandon your circumstances, we are challenging you to stop what you are doing to recognize a better way. And it is not a semantic argument. Webster defines quitting as “leave, usually permanently” which isn’t always possible, or even necessary. Just stop, start “not doing something that you have been doing before.” Assess. And redirect.'

Read the post in its entirety here.

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