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Graham Combat’s Offensive Driving Course – Now Available to Civilians

Most of you reading this spend a lot of time behind the wheel. To you, Matt Graham says:

“It's your fight. The only person that needs to be ready for that is you.”

Have you trained in and/or around your car?

Graham Combat - offensive driving course-2

Graham Combat has provided operational vehicle training to government and DoD clients for years. This year they're lifting their restrictions and offering an offensive driving course to responsible citizens. Evasive driving techniques, the sort used to avoid, evade or escape a threat, can be dangerous or fatal if used improperly. In this class students will learn and apply evasive driving techniques and participate in an interactive vehicle ballistics block of instruction where students will learn the proper techniques and strategies – what works and what doesn’t – when shooting from inside vehicles, as well as how bullets affect the operation of a motor vehicle.

This course is offered as a one-day stand alone class or can be added to a Graham Combat firearms or ARAINDROP class.

What's ARAINDROP? It's a personal security class where you learn to manipulate your environment, assess threat potentiality and increase situational awareness.

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