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Pine Survey: Greenzone vs MultiCam

Pine Survey has been conducting a comparison of the PentCott Greenzone and Crye Precision MultiCam patterns. While the results are interesting, they're not entirely surprising. In fact, they reinforce a problem yet to be satisfactorily resolved anywhere: that of commonality. Multiple camouflage patterns are logistically problematic (and expensive), usually necessitating the use of one or two patterns that best suit anticipated operational areas. Unfortunately, no camouflage pattern is truly universal, which means no one or two patterns (or single, neutral hues like olive drab or grey) will ever be as effective in a particular terrain or micro-environment as a pattern intended specifically for that environment. It's a dilemma many military and LE units deal with.

Ah, but if you have the luxury of using something intended for that locale…

Pine Survey: Greenzone vs MultiCam

The author explained comparison thusly,

Both patterns were tested in a typical European mixed forest with a high foliage canopy and some basic bushes and little trees on the ground. The pictures portray three different positions:

  • Standing in the open (to get an idea of the pattern in this surrounding and if the colors match it).
  • Kneeling behind some basic undergrowth (to mimic basic concealment).
  • The prone position (to mimic basic up to ideal concealment without using  vegetational enhancements).

These three examples were photographed with a wide angle lens at first and then with a zoom that mimics the actual picture the human eye would perceive at the actual distance. So in the end I came up with 6 pictures of each pattern.


He goes on to discuss that aforementioned dilemma.

“This review displayed the performance of two camouflage patterns currently being deployed in military and law enforcement. It shows the dilemma of all terrain patterns and the possibilities of patterns specifically designed for certain environments…

With current developments in the European security landscape, one has to reconsider though, if it makes sense to have a camouflage pattern, which does its job overseas quite well, but functions only satisfactory in our own backyard…”


The imagery and author takeaways are worth the time to check out. You can do so right here if you'd like to read the original article in its entirety.

Pine Survey is on Facebook here. You can subscribe to their YouTube channel here.

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