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Grey Ghost Precision Combat Pistol

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The Right Way Isn’t Always the Easy Way

There are seemingly endless companies producing aftermarket Glock slides right now, but Grey Ghost Precision stands out from the crowd., We’ll tell you exactly why. For those unaccustomed to the Combat Pistol, you’re looking at something roughly the same height and length as a Glock 19, but the whole is more than just the sum of its parts.

First formed as an offshoot of Grey Ghost Gear back in early 2015, Grey Ghost Precision (GGP) vowed to set themselves apart from the common market. Their first offering, a 7.62 NATO AR rifle was notable because “it actually works.” In later years, they’d produce many AR-style variants in multiple lengths of 5.56 NATO, 7.62 NATO, 300 AAC Blackout, and 6.5 Creedmoor. But that wasn’t enough.

[Not] Full Of Sh*t

We’ve personally seen the results of GGP rifles in action overseas, and then GGP slides, and finally GGP Combat Pistols. Most companies, when they disclose that their wares are used by special units overseas, want us to shout it from the rooftops across the world, whereas for several years GGP simply told us to STFU about it. Want to know the difference about who actually has weapons in the hands of people Doing Work overseas and who doesn’t? There it is. No doubt in the coming weeks and months some photos will be leaked of some high-end units with these guns, and though we admit we know who they are, the airsoft and military nerds will have to figure that out for themselves.


Most companies, if they want to make a so-called “custom” Glock slide, start from one of three places: an OEM slide they cut, a DASAN blank, or a KE Arms blank. Virtually no other company produces blanks for manufacturers to purchase. But not taking the easy way out, GGP spent nearly two years reverse engineering how they thought a Glock slide should run. Normally, we’d call this simple measurement, except some of the angles and dimensions are significantly different from other offerings.

If you can break down a Glock, and well ... any other plastic 9mm ... you can break down a GGP Combat Pistol.

If you can break down a Glock, and well … any other plastic 9mm … you can break down a GGP Combat Pistol.

While you have to break out the calipers yourself to measure every angle, the main thing GGP discovered through testing was the longer a slide stayed in battery after a round ignited, the more accurate the pistol would be. A normal Glock slide moves somewhere around 0.125 inch prior to the projectile exiting the barrel; we’re told a GGP slide holds the barrel in place for nearly twice as long. It’s not hard to see how this equates to better accuracy.

Certainly, the average pistol slide and barrel are capable of more accuracy than the average shooter, but who in the hell outside of Communist China strives to be average? Olympic pistol marksmen spend a whole helluva lot of time on their guns to ensure they’ll never be the weakest link, and GGP spent a similar amount of time ensuring the same. To put it bluntly: If you can’t shoot a GGP Combat Pistol accurately, you probably can’t shoot any other damn thing accurately either.

Further Advantages

No giant lightening windows here; the slide of the GGP Combat Pistol is all business. Some relegate forward serrations to gamer-shooters with mouse loads, but no one is forcing you to use them. So they’re there if you want them.

Something we particularly like is that the Trijicon RMR accessory sealing plate isn’t needed to keep moisture out of the sight when used on the Combat Pistol. Frankly, boo on Trijicon for not including this part in the first place (they cost an average of $12 on Amazon) with the sight since they’re needed so much, but you can save yourself a tiny bit of dough here foregoing one.

As you no doubt anticipated, the Combat Pistol is extremely easy to shoot.

As you no doubt anticipated, the Combat Pistol is extremely easy to shoot.

As opposed to sticking with a regular recoil spring assembly, the Combat Pistol has an interchangeable spring easily accessed via a hex screw. While the stock Combat Pistol spring assembly is noticeably lighter than an OEM Glock part, it takes no more than five minutes to swap out the spring to your liking — though unless you’re running comps or specialty rounds, we doubt you’ll have to do that.

The GGP Combat Pistol comes ready to drop an RMR microdot or optics with similar footprints into place. Rather than silencer-height blacked-out iron sights, you get a set of Night Fision sights, which work exceptionally well in transitional light. A Grey Ghost-marked carbon-fiber cover fills the empty space while you pile up your pennies for an MRDS.

Of course, once you pop on an optic (as you should — it’s 2019, after all) the included irons are no longer usable. Much like the trigger on the Combat Pistol itself, you could swap them out, but as people slowly advocate for the elimination of BUIS on pistols entirely, we won’t shed any tears about it.

Minor Bitches

We’ll say there’s one piece of the GGP Combat Pistol that we don’t like…

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