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Grey Ghost Precision M17 Pistol

Out-of-the-Box Custom for the Big Army

We’re not sure any of us ever expected Big Army to swap out their old Beretta M9 pistols, and we certainly didn’t expect Sig Sauer to bring home the win. And yet, back in January of 2018 the Modular Handgun System trials came to an end, and the M17 was officially born.

Of course, the M17 has been covered extensively ever since, with Glock gripers saying it was only about money, and a whole slew of now-civilian-market former-MHS competitors made it to the buying masses. We now have more inexpensive, lightweight, and reliable plastic fantastic 9mms on the market than at any other point in history. But we digress.

From the first minute of the M17 announcement, there have been companies modifying slides to add lightening cuts and serrations and other details, but the first company to bring out a from-scratch slide was Tacoma-based Grey Ghost Precision. Just as with their Glock slides, GGP is milling from their own blanks, to their own specifications.

But why should a brand-new gun that Big Army picked up need some modifications? Casey Ingles, CEO of Grey Ghost tells us this: “When the P320 platform won the MHS trials, soldiers as well as LE departments around the country began adopting the new sidearm. We heard the call. Literally, we were getting dozens of calls each day from our customers in the door-kicking/lead-farming communities asking for a 320 slide with better grip serrations, additional optic options, rebalanced weight, and an improved coating. All the enhancements that professional handgun shooters have come to expect from us. The GGP team did what they do best, drafted up several designs and began to R&D a slide that would give all the M17, M18, and other P320 users a GGP slide that was truly an upgrade.”

Let’s see if this statement holds up.


We need to take a minute to point out that Sig Sauer is producing two different models of the M17: the military version and the civilian version. The M17 and P320-M17 respectively. Normally, the main difference between a civilian and military model of a gun is concerned with select-fire capability and barrel lengths, but in this case it’s even dumber. It comes down to two things: color of controls (baby poop on the M17, and black on the P320-M17), optic plates, and dumbass privates.

The civilian P320-M17 comes standard with an optic footprint for a ROMEO1 or Delta Point Pro, but for anything else you’ll be needing an adapter plate or a milling machine. The standard-issue M17 is a little different, not only can you only mount a Delta Point Pro without modification, but the process to install it is considerably more difficult. We’ve heard this explained as “Joe-Proofing.” That’s to say, so rando privates don’t start just adding whatever they want whenever they want — real-life Big Army isn’t like a videogame, and most all units don’t want anyone dicking around with accessories unless they’re an armorer. Thankfully, these [more difficult] mounting solutions aren’t present on the civilian P320-M17.

So far as we can tell there are currently more than four different footprints among models — and not one at the time of writing can accept an RMR. Frankly, this fractioning and factioning of optic mounts can’t be helping Sig Sauer.

From this conundrum clusterfuck comes GGP M17 slide. The GGP M17 slide uses the same plate mounting system seen on their Combat Pistol and other Glock-compatible slides. The slide itself has four threaded holes, and two separate adapter plates allowing for not only the Delta Point Pro, but also the Trijicon RMR, JPoint, and the dozens of optics that use those footprints.

We also note that the GGP slide, unlike the standard M17, features a rear sight channel integral to the slide and not the cover plate itself. Those who want the durability of backups to a red-dot should rejoice.

We finally note that the M17 and P320-M17 have a loaded chamber indicator. This nanny feature will have to be removed if you want to use an aftermarket barrel or if you want to preserve any dignity. Needless to say, those parts were immediately removed.


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