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LOCKPICKING: Sparrows Gridlock and Dark Shift

Sparrows has come up with some new gear for the lock picking enthusiast (or, you know, professional).  As always, we have to preface this with the obligatory “know your local laws on lock picks and don't pick anything you don't own or have permission for” statement. Lock picking can actually be an enjoyable and challenging skill to have. Besides, locksmiths are expensive.

Sparrows Gridlock and Dark Shift


There is a reason as to why a coat hanger is the tool of choice for most Automobile lockouts.
Picking a standard 10 wafer Automotive lock is a Huge challenge.
Most often it is achieved by being stubborn with a pinch of lucky and a dash of skill.

The Gridlock set lets you develop that skill by working through three automotive locks of ever increasing difficulty.
Building from a 3 to a 6 to a full 10 wafer Automotive lock will allow you to develop the skill for picking wafers.
Wafer picking is an entirely different skill set when compared to pin tumbler picking.

A standard pin tumbler key is cut just along the top to lift the pins up into place letting you open the lock.
A wafer lock key is cut on the top and bottom, this then moves the wafers Up and Down positioning them for the lock to open.

Learning to manipulate and rock those wafers into position is a skill ….. a skill that one day may get you a well deserved high five or a court appointed lawyer.

The Gridlock comes with 3 progressive wafer locks and an automotive tension wrench specific to applying tension to wafer locks. The locks are solid aluminum and perfect in scale to a classic car lock.

Dark Shift


Rain, Sweat, Dark, Cold, Grime, Mud, Gloves.
You don't always know what conditions you will be working under.
The Dark Shift is built for these extreme environments and conditions.
With cutout ports that allow for a firmer grip and land marking you can even operate this set while wearing gloves.

The selection of eight picks is evenly balanced with both modern rakes and hooks.
Making the Dark Shift a fast approach set that is more than capable of working on high security locks.
Five Flat bars of mixed widths and a Stone Grey Tuxedo Case round out the set.

Some of our crew has had the chance to try both of these. They advise that picking wafers is a new experience for sure. They tell us they appreciated the progressive difficulty of the Gridlock and have yet to succeed on the 10 wafer lock. Another plus, the Dark Shift's skeletonized handles don't compromise strength while shedding weight and providing a better grip.

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