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Griffin Armament Adds New 5.56 Silencer: Paladin-5

“User serviceable” and “center-fire rifle silencer” are not terms most would associate together. A 22lr suppressor? Sure. But a 5.56? Nay nay.

But that's what Griffin Armament is saying about their new Paladin-5 silencer.

Here's how Evan Green, business development manager of Griffin Armament explains the why:

User serviceable rifle sound suppressors are becoming more and more popular and requested. We have been fielding requests for them for probably the last 5 years with decent volume. It’s not applicable to all end users as a lot of users don’t really shoot a lot. But if you’re one of these guys that is on the range all the time or out on the back 40 shooting all the time it’s definitely really nice to have. Depending on the ammo you’re using how dirty or clean the powder burn is etc, how badly the twist in your barrel shaves copper off your bullets and throws molten lead in your suppressor… all of that adds up for people that shoot a lot.

Here's how they say it works:

Traditionally, welded construction allowed the greatest confidence because serviceable suppressors were comprised of multiple threaded components that could loosen with no solution to retain them together. The PALADIN® Ratchet-Lok™ active locking front cap removes this concern and allows end users to remove copper and lead deposits which rob volume and add parasitic weight to centerfire suppressors over time. This allows lead bullets and rimfire use without concerns of damage to the suppressor and is a very desirable feature for high volume shooters.


Other specifications include:
Diameter: 1.5-inches
Overall Length: 6.3-inches
Length Added: 5-inches
Weight: 12.5 Ounces
Materials: 17-4 Stainless Steel, and 6AL4V Titanium
Attachment: Taper Mount devices
DB Attenuation: 5.56mm (131.5db), 22LR(115db)
Finish: QPQ finish
Full Auto Rated: Yes

You can check it out online here, or watch the video below.

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