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Griffin Armament Releases QD Blast Shield Muzzle Device

Many muzzle devices on the market, particularly compensators and muzzle brakes, are notorious for directing concussive forces to the side. The shooter can be impacted whether it be their hearing or a major disruption for follow up shots. The people around you can get it even worse, as they are in the path of the side blast when on the range or in a CQB scenario. Monderno has got the word out that Griffin Armament has a new muzzle device that they just released for pre-order called the QD Blast Shield. This is a secondary devised to be utilized in conjunction with the Griffin Armament Flash Comp, Muzzle Brake, Compensating Flash Hider, Tactical Compensator and other compatible products for 5.56 NATO caliber firearms.

GA QD Blast Shield

The Griffin Armament QD Blast Shield drives the concussive forces forward, while maintaining the function of the primary muzzle device. The Blast Shield is manufactured with 17-PH Stainless steel with a Melonite QPQ Finish. Total added weight comes in at 5.4 ounces. The QD design allows for quick integration when needed for specific scenarios. Monderno provides a full run down on the functionality of the QD Blast Shield in their article here.

QD Blast Shield

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