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Griffin Armament’s OPTIMUS Suppressor

Griffin Armament recently announced the release of their Optimus Suppressor. This thing is definitely looks at first glance to be one of the most impressive multi-caliber silencers we've seen to date (and it's magnum rated). Put it on your 9mm pistol, rimfire or centerfire rifle.

Says Griffin,

“Its full size (9.4” 17.6 ounce configuration) meters at 135.5db at the ear on a 300 win mag bolt gun with full power loads, similar performance to flagship 30 cal cans. More versatility without compromising. Intro to the video shows included parts. Both 9mm and 22 cal end caps, baffle lock ring, booster assembly complete with 1/2×28 piston, magnum rated taper lock section, baffles , tube and minimalist brake.”

You can find Griffin Armament online here. Their YouTube Channel can be found here. You can also follow them on both Facebook and Instagram (@griffin_armament).

Remember also to support the American Suppressor Association on their website, on their Facebook page or via theirInstagram account. Make sure you follow them on Twitter and check out their YouTube channel too. Seriously – don't just bitch about all the misinformation out there. Do your part to preempt or correct it. You don't have to own a can to understand how it works and/or explain it to the next poor ignorant (and perhaps well-meaning) hippie you run into.

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