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Grip It, Rip It, and Eat It: Mission First Tactical’s Chocolate AR-15 Magazines

‘Tis the season that you're frantically shopping for stocking stuffers for family and friends. And surely your family and friends are gun people, right?

So, what's better than to combine love of firearms with love of chocolate?

Mission First Tactical Chocolate AR-15 Magazines

Mission First Tactical has you covered, with tasty chocolates in the form of an AR-15 magazine. In fact, they're actual, life-size replicas of MFT's Extreme Duty magazines, so they can fit in your mag carriers for easy access. They're ribbed on the front and rear, plus the mag plate is flared, for a secure grip while stuffing your face. A dot matrix field on the side allows you to number and identify each piece of chocolate — you could use this to distinguish between which one is for you and which is for your other family members, roommates, or teammates. Also, many trainers recommend that you number your mags to keep track of individual chocolate mags in case of malfunctions, indigestion, or other issues.

Field Testing

However, we must highlight a couple of potential issues. First, the bolt catch is supposed to be over-sized, but in our testing, the chocolate magazine failed to lock the bolt back on any of our AR-15s. We tried several different rifles with the same result.

Furthermore, Mission First Tactical says that its Extreme Duty magazines are 50-percent stronger than its previous mags and three times more impact resistant than traditional nylons, touting their “enhanced strength and durability.” But in our testing, simply biting into the chocolate magazines caused them to immediately lose structural integrity. Even licking them would eventually result in deterioration of the chocolate. Since we were unsure why our samples weren't as durable as we'd expect them to be, we tested as many chocolate magazines as we could. Sure enough, all of them ended up in pieces, in our bellies, with minimal effort. MFT's claims of tool-less disassembly were certainly proven to be accurate.

Finally, all of our extensive testing seemed to result in some weight gain amongst our testers. YMMV. But it was worth it since we at RECOIL always go the extra mile to test new products for our readers.

So, perform a non-standard response drill and eat a mag. This chocolately dia-beetus bad assery retails for $10.

You can buy one (or two or more, since three is two, two is one, and one is none) here:

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