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Gun confiscation by proxy

You have probably heard by now of the BATFE‘s effort to ban M855 “armor piercing” ammunition (which in truth can only very tenuously referred to as armor piercing). Jeff Gonzales of Trident Concepts believes it to be “gun confiscation by proxy.”

Says Gonzales,

“The only way we are going to prevent the future ban of ammunition is by changing the law. Right now, the law in question was enacted in 1986 by congress and the language of the law was directed at ammunition “designed” as an armor piercing round. The fact that some rifle ammunition will penetrate armor or steel does not make it an “armor piercing” round. I have used AP rounds on numerous occasions and they have their purpose for sure, but they are a specialty round built from the ground up to penetrate steel/armor. However, the ATF has taken to defining armor piercing on their own and that has the implications of future ammunition being banned that should alarm everyone; The title of this article is “Gun Confiscation by Proxy” and I bet you are wondering why. Because quite simply that is exactly what is happening and you better be paying attention. Whether this law or any other law truly becomes law, the mere mention of the ban has already affected everyone. It has already set in motion the gun confiscation wheels.”


Read the rest of the article here:

Jeff Gonzales - Trident Concepts

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