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Crowdsourcing has become increasingly popular the last several years. What's not to like? It allows someone working out of their garage or basement to obtain enough funds to actually bring their dream to the market without the need for bank loans or loan sharks. While we're not going to proclaim that crowdsourcing is the end-all-be-all (there are numerous horror stories of products never making it to the market) there's a problem for people like us.

Most crowdsourcing platforms ban anything and everything even peripherally related to guns. Here are some examples from the big guys:

Here's one of the prohibitions from Kickstarter:
-Weapons, replicas of weapons, and weapon accessories.

Gofundme also excludes any campaign that includes:
-knives, explosives, ammunition, firearms, or other weaponry or accessories;

Right along the same lines, Indiegogo is a nono if you want to make something that goes on a weapon, they restrict:
-Weapons, ammunition, and related accessories

And this is exactly why Gun Dynamics was started in the first place. Read on:

Gun Dynamics® was formed out of the need to launch a revolutionary 1911 trigger and evolved into a calling against the hypocrisy that some in this great Nation of ours have towards the gun industry. Our intent is to create a place where gun-related entrepreneurs can freely launch their projects and gun enthusiasts can back and buy the latest technologies from companies large and small. We live in such a magical time where a good idea developed in someone’s garage can be the next big thing. The fact that gun-focused products can’t compete on mainstream crowdfunding sites, as other products, is a travesty, but at the same time, an opportunity. So as opposed to complaining, we here at GD got to doing. Over the next year, we will be rolling out a variety of gun-related content that we hope you will find enjoyable. If you have anything that you would like to see, please contact us.


Of course, just because it's weapon-related doesn't mean it's awesome; you'll find laughable products right alongside great ones like any other crowdsourced site–but it is someplace you can go if you have a widget you need funding for. There's scant more American than starting a successful business from your basement, and Gun Dynamics at least gives you a chance.

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