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Gun Owners and Their “Sinister Death Machines”

“‪#‎GunOwners‬ cry about their ‪#‎SecondAmendment‬ rights but they don't give a shit about the fact that thousands of innocent people are killed each year by their sinister death machines. It is time for us to do away with private gun ownership entirely. The only people who feel the need to own guns are paranoid, mentally ill people. If you own a gun, you are a terrible human being and if you own a firearm and you have children you should be absolutely ashamed of yourself. A child who is raised in homes with firearms is 43% more likely to die of a gun shot wound. It should be considered abuse to keep firearms in a home with children and the state really should step in and take them into custody. Every gun owner in America is a potential ‪#‎MassShooter‬, it's only a matter of time before the snap and start spraying innocent children.”

That's from a Facebook page called Gaia's Dancing Indigo Children. As you might expect it gets a lot of people's blood up. The page, which welcomes viewers to “Gaia's Dancing Indigo Children Ashram and Holistic Healing Center” says they can “…help you grow as a spiritual being in your human experience.”

This page is either run by the most disassociated and disaffected alien-visited ultra-liberals in the world or it's one of the greatest troll pages ever perpetrated by man. I'm personally really hoping for the latter. (I knew what Gaia is, but had to Google ‘Indigo Children'.) Some of what they say is so ridiculous it's awesome. Unfortunately while their praise of Al Sharpton and condemnation of eating meat is amusing, the crass use of Dylann Roof's image and many of the worst race-baiting and other posts are over the top (at least for me). The sad thing is, whether this page and its new age UFO welcoming indigo child crystal vegan sissy message is real or not, it does reflect how some people feel. That disconnect is so substantial I'm not sure there's any way to amicably bridge the gap, or even whether to attempt reasonable discourse. Apparently, judging from the futile (if frequently profane and creative) comments under their posts, I'm not alone.

Anyway, I like my sinister death machine and mmmmm do I enjoy the charred flesh of something that had a parent.

You can find that Facebook page here.


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