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Gunfightin’ pants? Griffon Industries and Mark Owen

That poor girl in the photo you see above is not wearing the right pants for CCW, going to the range or a gunfight. In fact, she doesn't seem to have much in the way of pants at all. Now, I have no issue with that (in fact I kind of like it) but if she was to go looking for such pants I'd recommend she check out the Griffon Industries x Mark Owen Calico Premium Denims.

Griffon Industries x Mark Owen denim pants 1

These britches, envisioned and designed by Mark Owen, are described as “…original high rise relaxed straight fit. Designed to give optimum room in the legs and fit comfortably on the hips and waist. Leg opening will accommodate most hiking and tactical boots.”

They feature dual front welt pockets and dual side magazine pockets (higher on the thigh than the back); the dart pocket apparently brings the mags about 3 in. closer to the side, allowing mags to sit deep in the pockets.

Griffon Industries x Mark Owen denim pants 2

The fabric is Dual-FX fiber, T-400 poly yarn wrapped with lycra and cotton, yielding what Griffon says is “20% stretch, 95% recover, 3% growth.” Trims are described as “Alloy matte black selector cap button design / alloy matte black washer burr and nail rivets; premium twill lining & pocket bias.” They'll be available in September in black or indigo and are evidently sewn in Los Angeles.

Pre-Order yours now on (ETA Sept 1st). Be aware ahead of time they're $150/pair and the size listed are only evidently waist sizes (28-38). The site doesn't appear to offer a choice of inseam. Once I talk to them I'll get some clarification about that. There may be an obvious answer I just don't get; I'm still working on achieving the sort of sartorial elegance that true metrotacticals like Brian Montgomery, Clint Lynch and Ho-Tac have achieved.

Griffon Industries x Mark Owen denim pants 4

Griffon Industries x Mark Owen denim pants 3

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