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Doug Marcoux recently penned a good article for G&T entitled No Exceptions: Transporting Firearms Securely. It has some good information and is sure to gen up some conversation so we thought we'd share. In it he goes over firearm cases from CaseCruzer, which is interesting gear in and of itself, but he sets it up by discussing the conversation he had with his son about when the young man would be allowed to shoot a handgun.

“Recently…my son asked how old he needed to be to learn to shoot like that. I told him we’d follow the same process we did when he began shooting rifles – in addition to continuing to demonstrate adherence to the universal safety rules, he needed to learn how to properly handle and operate the firearm he wished to shoot.”

Doug spent some time looking for hard-sided, lockable gun cases that would double as a range bag. His research led him to a company called CaseCruzer.

“The right option for us was their 2-Pack Quickdraw case. It holds two handguns…while keeping them positioned…in a safe direction when removing or replacing them. It also will also hold up to 16 magazines, two sets of eyes and ears, and plenty of ammo. Most importantly, I can keep consistent with and true to our no-exceptions policy of securing firearms if they’re not physically-attached to a responsible adult.”

You can read Doug's article in its entirety over on Guns and Tactics here.

CaseCruzer-discreet rifle breakdown case

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