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Hands On: Uni-Loader Universal Loader

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If you have long range days with high round counts, shoot competitively, or just prefer not to chew up your fingers, magazine loading devices are a godsend. Depending on the design they make it a little or a lot easier to stuff magazines full of bang pills.

However, due to the many different magazine types, you often need to look for loaders that are compatible with specific weapon systems. The new Uni-Loader Universal Loader aims to simplify your life. It quickly and easily loads most double-stack, doublefeed magazines, such as AR-15, AR-10, AK, and SMG-type mags.

Note that it doesn’t work on single-stack or double-stack, single-feed magazines like Glock mags — the Uni-Loader pushes rounds in straight from above, so if you need to push a round in from the front of a magazine to load it, it’s not compatible.

The loader is made of polymer and consists of a main housing with a spring-loaded plunger, a sliding and removable front grip, and optional adapter plates for certain magazine types. They come in black, grey, green, and flat dark earth.

For smaller magazines, slide out the front grip and insert the mag into the loader. Clamp it down with the front grip and hold securely. Drop rounds one by one into the cavity and push the plunger down to snap rounds into the mag. If your mags are too large, remove the front grip completely and hold the mag in the loader with your hand while loading.

It’s important to keep the magazine firmly to the rear, so the rounds are aligned properly to go into the mag. Certain mags require use of an adapter plate that you slide into the loader, for instance if the back wall of the magazine is too thick. Adapters are currently offered for MPX, Scorpion, Colt AR9, and G3 magazines.

The manufacturer suggests two ways of loading mags: one-handed for speed, and twohanded if your fingers aren’t as strong or when spring tension gets too high. Once you get the hang of it, you get into a groove and can load magazines lickety split.

A tab on the back of the loader helps to hold it firmly during loading and also functions to unload mags quickly by depressing the second round in the stack, thus freeing the round above it to fall out via gravity. Simply hold the mag with bullets pointed toward the ground and move the tab sideways back and forth to release all the rounds.

The Uni-Loader works as advertised in our testing, making quick work of loading a variety of mags, with some a bit smoother than others. If, for instance, you only have ARs and don’t plan to diversify, you could stick with a purpose-built loader. But if you don’t yet have a magazine loader for your double-feed mags or have or plan to build a collection of different platforms, it makes sense to get one for the flexibility to load a wide range of mags.

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