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Happy Birthday Big Green – and Happy Flag Day as Well

Today we actually celebrate two significant holidays. The 238TH birthday of the United States Army, and Flag Day. The symbolism of having these two events coincide lies on several levels. To the Army, its Soldiers and their family and friends, we extend a heartfelt Happy Birthday!  There is a list of official events on the Army birthday web page if you're interested, and some more background here.

To everyone, we ask – spread the word about Flag Day, and its significance. When you're done celebrating 238 years of visiting destruction upon the enemies of this country and providing salvation to its allies, take some time to mentor the neighborhood kids or some friends about flag etiquette. Remind them why we do things the way we do, educate them (without venom) if they're doing something unwittingly wrong. There are many patriotic people in this country who would fail to realize you don't take a picture of yourself sitting on an American flag on a rock in a park, no matter how much you love your country. Urge them to avoid all flag-printed napkins and all those little plastic flags that wind up lying on the ground everywhere after Independence Day weekend. Explain why they should have a light shining on the flag if they're going to fly it all night.  More history and ceremony here; you can find the full explanation of flag etiquette here.

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