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Happy EntrepreNewYear: Blackguard Customs LLC

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Axes, knives, belt buckles, custom mead horns — and all of it built by hand, with fire, not in a big CNC machine with magic. This is Blackguard Customs LLC of Austin, TX. What kind of axes, knives and whatnot you ask? (Go ahead, ask — I'm not writing this article for the helluvit.) Honestly, it's the kind of stuff that makes us want to go pillage something. Maybe that's not too terribly unexpected, coming as it does from a vetrepreneur who was a Reconnaissance Marine.

We're going to start 2016 out right — I'll be showcasing worthy small American businesses all through the month of January. Capitalism is part of the foundation upon which our great republic stands, and small business is a vital part of that. Join us in recognizing and acknowledging that truth. Happy EntrepreNewYear!

Blackguard Customs LLC Custom Viking Axe

Like this? This is the All Father Skeggöx. It may not be exactly what your Boy Scout should use to earn his Totin' Chip, nor for that matter what you might prefer for that overnight backpacking trip but damn it's gorgeous isn't it? Who wouldn't want to split some social justice warrior's head from crown to chin (metaphorically at least) with one of these?

No one, that's who. Well, no one but sissies and hippies and handwringing guiltmongers anyway..but I'm not writing this article for them.

Blackguard Customs LLC Custom Viking Axe 2

This is the Sealgair (here's how to pronounce it). It's Gaelic for hunter. OAL 12 in., BL 5 3/4 in., Width 1 3/4 in. at widest point, weight 11.7 oz. Handmade from 1095 steel.

Blackguard Customs LLC Sealgair

They do other cool stuff too, from customizing YETI brand coolers with badass engraving to stained oak beard combs. This is the Thrive dog tag, made from 1/8th D2 tool steel. One tag sports a 1 inch convex grind edge, the other has a bottle opener and cutting hook. Both tags have a folding Kydex blade guard for safety while wearing.

Blackguad Customs LLC Dog Tags

Blackguard Customs LLC Mjolnir Pendant

Says Blackguard's HMFIC (a former Marine who has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography),

“It's extremely difficult to achieve perfection with custom, hand-made products. We don't care. If you're not proudly displaying your BGC item then we're not happy and we want you to send it back. Our brand was built on trust and we ​will not waste your hard-earned money to turn a buck. Other companies will not say that. We're not other companies.”

Blackguard Customs LLC vetrepreneur by Joseph Sanchez Photography

“I don't keep my beard short on purpose. It routinely catches fire while working lol. Thanks Joseph Sanchez Photography for the shot. Not to often people see me with out a hat on either.”

He is not the only veteran working at Blackguard Customs. For instance, one of the other guys in the shop served with 2/7 Marines.

Edit: as is the HMFIC. Sorry about that gyrene!

Here's a look at one of their Colsters. Screenprinted koozies are cool if you're a cheapass buying Independence Day stuff at Wal-Mart but a hand engraved, handpainted Yeti Colster? That's badass, and worthy of a place in the Department of Manly Shit.

Forged, hammered, crafted and engraved

Blackguard Customs LLC Yeti Colsters

Blackguard Customs LLC Custom Viking Axe 3

Blackguard Customs LLC Viking Drinking Horn

Blackguard Customs LLC Behind the Scenes 1

Blackguard Customs LLC Behind the Scenes 2 Blackguard Customs LLC Behind the Scenes 4

Blackguard Customs LLC doing Viking Shit

Learn more about Blackguard Customs LLC

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You can find my complete roundup of Happy EntrepreNewYear posts right here.

Blackguard Customs LLC Behind the Scenes 3

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