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Happy EntrepreNewYear: Zyon Systems

Idaho based Zyon Systems is a family based business that configures and builds bailout bags and emergency kits based on what they and their peers use. The founder is a former professional law enforcement/rescue professional who worked his entire life outdoors and in the back country, so he has more than a little experience in packs, consumables and emergency needs. As best I can tell he doesn't put anything in one of his packs that he hasn't field tested himself, personally. He's a former National Park Ranger experienced in high altitude mountaineering, high angle technical rescue, firefighting, tactics and emergency medicine. He participated in several hundred rescue or emergency medical calls during the course of his career. Zyon Systems will replace any toiletries, food, batteries or medical supplies used during a real world emergency or operation.

Zyon Systems Happy EntrepreNewYear - Collegiate Pack

This is their “Collegiate Pack.” It's designed for use by students away at school and serves as a 72 hour emergency pack. As you can see, it's chosen to fit into a scholastic setting. Nothing here screams “tactical” or “come take my stuff away, I'm loaded down with what you failed to set aside.”

We’re starting 2016 out right — I'm showcasing worthy small American businesses all through the month of January. Capitalism is part of the foundation upon which our great republic stands, and small business is a vital part of that. Join us in recognizing and acknowledging that truth and supporting craftsmen and small businesses. Happy EntrepreNewYear!

Zyon Systems Happy EntrepreNewYear - Patrol Pack

This is a “Patrol Pack.” Many LEOs or other professionals can be called to rural search situations (some the manhunt type, others passive) but few of them are prepared to leave their vehicles for any extended period of time.  Says Zyon Systems,

“You can not focus on the threat in front of you if you are hungry, dehydrated, sun burned and being eaten alive by insects. Our Patrol Pack is designed to keep you healthy and comfortable for a full day in the field, no matter the conditions, so you can focus on getting the job done.”

Zyon Systems Happy EntrepreNewYear2

This picture was taken during the “Escape from Richmond.” It was an urban escape training scenario in which 6 participants (including Zyon Systems staff and friends, some with military experience) traveled by foot and boat through varied terrain from downtown Richmond, VA to a neighborhood some 25 miles away.

Spend any time outdoors? Read their field journal.

They're online here and on Facebook here.

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