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Happy Monday From Weapon Outfitters

Weapon Outfitters wished use a Happy Monday on the RECOIL facebook page with this lovely image. Thanks Weapon Outfitters!

The AR-15 has been outfitted with:

  • Blue Force Gear, Inc. VCAS 2 Pt Sling
  • Haley Strategic Partners Thorntail Light Mount
  • AR Gas Vent for suppressed rifles
  • Centurion Arms C4 Rail, 10″
  • Laser Devices DBAL-i2
  • ARES Gear Ranger Belt
  • Praetor Defense Belt Mounted AR Mag Pouch
  • Lancer AWM

One response to “Happy Monday From Weapon Outfitters”

  1. Roy @ Weaponoutfitters says:

    Thanks for the share guys!

    We’ve got a lotta projects lined up, will keep y’all in the loop!

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  • Thanks for the share guys!

    We've got a lotta projects lined up, will keep y'all in the loop!

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