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Hard as Hell 3 Gun 2014

Someone told Russell Phagan he should  take a crack at the Purgatory Flats Hard as Hell Multi-Gun Match (HAH for short), located 20 minutes outside of St. George Utah. He watched clips of the 2013 match, saw how “challenging and physical” the stages were and decided he had to attend.


The HAH match is a little different than many other standard competitions. First, it allows the competitor to use different guns for every stage. Second, shooters are also not allowed to take off their chest rig or other equipment once the stage has started. Lastly, the stages are much longer than typical match stages so coaching throughout is allowed. Total there were 9 stages, a team shoot-off, and a match team shoot-off over the span of 3 days.

According to Phagan, the HAH is similar to what 3 Gun was when it first started in the 1980's, i.e. “More physical, hard shooting, and less memory games”.  He also think more competitions similar to this one will be growing more popular due to a different demand. Says Phagan,

“Many returning veterans want a venue to practice the skills they learned in the military and used over seas.”

You can read Russell Phagan's full article, learn more about HAH and see some videos from the competition on his blog website here.

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