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Have a Black Aces Tactical Pro Series 5 or 9? You Just May Have an Unregistered AOW

A letter from ATF dated August 16, 2019, just surfaced on a Facebook group involving NFA firearms. The letter is from the Tampa Field Division and addressed to an unknown entity or person. Based on the contents, it’s a safe bet that the letter is to an FFL.

In the letter, ATF states that based on the A&D Records of Black Aces Tactical, the recipient of the letter may “have received one or more Black Aces Tactical Pro Series 5 or Pro  Series 9 firearms.” It goes on to state that certain configurations of those firearms may have brought them into the purview of the NFA.

ATF’s inquiry involves Black Aces Tactical Pro Series 5, and Pro Series 9, firearms incorporating folding stabilizing braces and smoothbore barrels of less than eighteen (18) inches. These firearms are either designed and assembled to be fired from the shoulder by the inclusion of extenders and spacers and thus constitute a shotgun with a barrel length of less than eighteen (18) inches in length, or are assembled such that they were not designed or redesigned to be fired from the shoulder, and when the brace is folded, are less than 26 inches and thus capable of being concealed on a person.

In other words, the firearms in question are either Short Barrel Shotguns (if they were designed and assembled to be fired from the shoulder) or Any Other Weapons) if they were not but have an OAL of less than 26 inches with the stabilizing brace folded.

ATF states to the recipient of the letter that if they are in possession of one of these firearms, they must immediately remove the barrel in order to remove it from the purview of the NFA. Additionally, if a dealer transferred one of these firearms, they are to report these transfers, including the model number and serial number, along with a copy of the 4473 or license number (if transferred to another dealer).

The letter continues, stating that “Black Aces Pro Series 5 and Pro Series 9 firearms with collapsable stabilizing braces and an overall length of over 26 inches when the brace is collapsed are not subject to the provisions of the NFA.”

Based on the letter, if you have one of these firearms in your possession, it’s likely that you can expect ATF to contact you in the near future to inquire as to its status.

Update, August 19, 2019, 10:30 pm EST:

Black Aces Tactical reached out to us to provide more information about ways in which users can reconfigure their firearms to ensure compliance with the law. The company sent the letter below:

Update, August 20, 2019, 1:30 pm EST:

Black Aces Tactical released another update to clarify that the folding portion does not apply to pistols:

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