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Hawk Hill Custom Updates Spuhr Rifle Mounted Data Board

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The Hawk Hill Custom Rifle Mounted Data-Holder Spuhr Mount just got a makeover. The company makes a pair of rifle mounted data boards, one which mounts on any Picatinny rail, and another, more specialized version that's set up to attach directly to Spuhr's Ideal Scope Mount System compatible mounts.

The pic rail version of the data board works well with scope rings, as rings leave space for a rail-mounted accessory between them. But, cantilevered scope mounts often used on ARs have a much larger footprint and only leave space in front of the mount for accessories to latch onto the rail.


The Hawk Hill Custom Rifle Mounted Data-Holder includes a dry erase card, pen and heavy-duty, click-lock mounting tape.

For the uninitiated, aside from the built-in level and overbuilt, 6-bolt scope rings, Spuhr mounts also feature a smattering of accessory mounting points for offset red-dot sights. Hawk Hill takes advantage of Spuhr’s simple, two Torx screw attachment method to put a data holder closer to the front of the scope, and to give guys that use short rails an option to run a data holder at all. The original version’s large mounting foot fits perfectly in its intended position up on the scope ring, but it wouldn’t fit on any of the other mounting points down low.

Hawk Hill heard from some customers that the data board needed to mount lower to alleviated some line of sight issues. So, Hawk Hill just shrunk the foot and now the unit mounts in any of those ISMS spots.


Included super-duty Velcro holds the included dry-erase board, a Kestrel, or even a phone.

There are other rifle-mounted data boards out there. We've seen one that is basically a large wire tie with a pocket for a card on the end. The inexpensive device wraps around the scope, or the mount, and gives the shooter a place to note holds. While this style works well for data cards, they aren't very stable, and they aren't strong enough to hold something like a Kestrel, should that be your thing.


The RMDB features a two-way articulating joint.

We bring this up because we've heard of guys overseas mounting ballistic calculators to their rifles so they have everything they need to shoot in one place, should things get sporty without notice.

The Hawk Hill board articulates in two planes and articulates to provide a decent range of viewing options that snap positively into place and stay put with solid detentes. When it's not needed, to device folds flat against the scope or rifle, well out of the way.


The RMDB folds up and tucks tightly out of the way.

It comes with a piece of white dry-erase board, some super duty Velcro, alcohol wipes (for installation), and a dry erase pen. The dry-erase board works well when it's dry, but don't depend on it to keep your dope from becoming a blurry mess in the rain. The included snap loop is super strong and holds just about anything you’d want on there securely.
At $120, It’s not cheap, but it works well.


Lots of options for mounting the device on a Spuhr's cantilever scope mount. Far more options than you'd have if you're using a rail-mount design with one of Spuhr's mounts.

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