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Hearing Enhancement and Protection in One Product, by SportEar

We were recently introduced to the SportEar product line. Several of the hearing protection products by SportEar also provide hearing enhancement. This is a big deal when you envision quietly creeping through the woods, in search of that big buck. Missing an important sound can be the difference between stopping to assess the situation or not hearing the life-changing moment altogether.

Ray Bori, from SportEar, gave us a rundown of the product lines. Check it out in the video below:

SportEar offers multiple levels of custom hearing protection. We were curious about that process, the below pictures depict the quick and painless process:

SportEar 4 SportEar 3

SportEar 2 SportEar 1

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When you get fitted for custom hearing protection from SportEar, the wait time varies, but it's usually around two weeks.

To see the full offerings from SportEar, check them out at

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