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Help bring Couma home

This is Couma. Couma is about to retire.


With Couma in this picture is Luke, one of her previous handlers. Luke is a former Marine MP MWD (Military Working Dog) handler who was medically retired from the Marine Corps. He is trying to bring Couma home to his wife, 5 year old son and 7 month old daughter in Pennsylvania, but that is an expensive proposition.

Luke and Couma 2

The Marine & Family organization was going to help cover expenses but the money remains to high for him to cover on his own, so he has enlisted the assistance of Puppy Rescue Mission to help. If you would like to help Luke get Couma to Pennsylvania, you can do so by pitching a few dollars in on his fundraising page here. You can look into Puppy Rescue Mission on their web page here. You can watch some videos of successful “rescue missions” here.

h/t to Wilson/1MOA.

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