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Here’s a List of Companies That Support Gun Control

Are you looking for a handy list of companies that support gun control? Well, today, 145 companies made it easier for you, clearly revealing their disregard for the Second Amendment and the principles of liberty and freedom.

First reported by the New York Times, the CEOs of 145 companies sent a letter to the U.S. Senate urgently calling for “background checks on all gun sales and a strong Red Flag law that would allow courts to issue life-saving extreme risk protection orders.” Citing recent events and their “responsibility and obligation to stand up for the safety of our employees, customers and all Americans,” they argue for so-called “common-sense” gun legislation.

The letter was signed by CEOs of large companies such as Bain Capital, Bloomberg, Brookfield Property Group, GAP, and Levi Strauss. Also signing were large advertising and media firms, such as Conde Nast, Group Nine Media, Havas, Interpublic, Omnicom, and Publicis, no surprise given the messaging on guns that we so often see. Also note the services and social media companies, such as Airbnb, DoorDash, Eventbrite, Lyft, Pinterest, Reddit, Twitter, Uber, and Yelp.

Below, we've provided a searchable, alphabetical list of the companies and executives who signed the letter. Incidentally, when you read breathless headlines on other news media about “145 of the biggest companies in America” supporting gun control, note that only 45 of them have more than 500 employees. 100 of them have fewer than 500 employees, and you'll probably need to google them to figure out what they do.

Whether it's due to virtue-signaling, free marketing to a portion of the country, or simply misguided beliefs, perhaps it's worth a hard look at where you're spending your time and money these days. Let them know how you feel.

The New York Times also published a copy of the actual letter.

Companies with more than 500 employees:

Company Name Title
Airbnb Brian Chesky Co-Founder, Head of Community and CEO
Amalgamated Bank Keith Mestrich President and CEO
Bain Capital John Connaughton and Jonathan Lavine / Josh Bekenstein and Steve Pagliuca Co-Managing Partners / Co-Chairmen
Beyond Meat Ethan Brown Co-Founder and CEO
Bloomberg LP Peter T. Grauer Chairman
Brookfield Property Group Ric Clark Chairman
ClassPass Fritz Lanman CEO
Conde Nast Roger Lynch CEO
Credit Karma Ken Lin Founder and CEO
DICK'S Sporting Goods Edward Stack CEO
DoorDash Tony Xu Co-Founder and CEO
Ecolab Doug Baker Chairman and CEO
Edelman Richard Edelman President and CEO
Eventbrite Julia Hartz Co-Founder and CEO
Gap Inc. Art Peck CEO
Goat Group Eddy Lu CEO
Group Nine Media Ben Lerer Co-Founder and CEO
Havas Group Yannick Bollore CEO
Horizon Media Bill Koenigsberg President CEO and Founder
Impossible Foods Patrick O. Brown MD, PhD, Founder and CEO
Interpublic Michael Roth Chairman and CEO
Kabbage Inc. and Drum Technologies Rob Frohwein / Kathryn Petralia Co-Founder and CEO / Co-Founder and President
Levi Strauss & Co. Chip Bergh President and CEO
Lyft Logan Green / John Zimmer Co-Founder and CEO / Co-Founder and President
MongoDB Inc. Dev Ittycheria President and CEO
Oaktree Capital Management Howard Marks Co-Chairman
Okta Todd McKinnon Co-Founder and CEO
Omnicom Group John Wren Chairman and CEO
Pinterest Ben Silbermann Co-Founder and CEO
Postmates Bastian Lehmann Co-Founder & CEO
Prologis Hamid R. Moghadam Chairman and CEO
Publicis Groupe Arthur Sadoun Chairman and CEO
Reddit Steve Huffman CEO
Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Richard Fain CEO
RXR Realty Scott Rechler Chairman and CEO
Shutterstock Inc. Jon Oringer Founder and CEO
Square and Twitter Jack Dorsey CEO
Squarespace Anthony Casalena Founder and CEO
SurveyMonkey Zander Lurie CEO
Thrive Global Arianna Huffington Founder and CEO
TOMS Blake Mycoskie / Jim Alling Founder and Chief Shoe Giver / CEO
Twilio Jeff Lawson Co-Founder and CEO
Uber Dara Khosrowshahi CEO
WPP Mark Read CEO
Yelp Jeremy Stoppelman Co-Founder and CEO


Companies with less than 500 employees:

Company Name Title
AlleyCorp Kevin P. Ryan Founder and CEO
Ambition Travis Truett Co-Founder and CEO
Ariel Investments LLC John W. Rogers, Jr. / Mellody Hobson Founder, Chairman and Co-CEO / Co-CEO & President
Artsy Mike Steib CEO Sean Knapp Co-Founder and CEO
Aspiration Andrei Cherny Co-Founder and CEO
Aura Abdur Chowdhury CEO
Backpack Fahim M. Aziz Founder and CEO
Bad Robot JJ Abrams / Katie McGrath Chairman and Co-CEO / Co-CEO
BeeswaxIO Corporation Ari Paparo CEO
Begin Ryan Block Co-Founder
Betaworks John Borthwick Founder and CEO
Bonusly Raphael Crawford-Marks Co-Founder and CEO
Brat Darren Lachtman Co-Founder
Brud Trevor McFedries CEO
Cambly Sameer Shariff Co-Founder
Catch&Release, Inc. Analisa Goodin Founder and CEO
Cerebras Systems Andrew Feldman Founder and CEO
Circle Medical George Favvas CEO
Clearbit Alex MacCaw CEO
Clever Tyler Bosmeny CEO
Clockwise Matt Martin Co-Founder and CEO
Color Genomics Othman Laraki Co-Founder and CEO
Crunchbase, Inc. Jager McConnell CEO
Curalate, Inc. Apu Gupta Co-Founder and CEO
Curtsy David Oates Co-Founder and CEO
DAILYLOOK Brian Ree Founder and CEO
Doxel, Inc. Saurabh Ladha CEO
Elektra Labs Andy Coravos Co-Founder and CEO
Emerson Collective Laurene Powell Jobs President
Farmstead Pradeep Elankumaran Co-Founder & CEO
Full Picture Desiree Gruber CEO
Fundera Jared Hecht Founder and CEO
Golden Jude Gomila Founder and CEO
Guru Rick Nucci Co-Founder and CEO
Hint, Inc. Kara Goldin Founder and CEO
HipDot Jeff Sellinger Co-Founder and CEO
Hooked Prerna Gupta CEO
humbition Cyrus Massoumi Managing Partner
JOOR Kristin Savilia CEO
Jumbo Privacy Pierre Valade CEO
Kadena William Martino Founder and CEO
Kanga Jake Perlman-Garr CEO
Knowable Warren Shaeffer Co-Founder and CEO
Lattice Jack Altman CEO Aaron N. Block Co-Founder and Managing Director
Modern Fertility Afton Vechery Co-Founder and CEO
Neighborland Dan Parham / and Tee Parham Founder and CEO / Founder and CTO
NewsCred Shafqat Islam CEO
Nextdoor Sarah Friar CEO
NowThis Athan Stephanopoulos President
Nurx Varsha Rao CEO
Obemdorf Enterprises William E. Oberndorf Chairman
Oceans Steven Rosenblatt Co-Founder and General Partner
OfferUp Nick Huzar Co-Founder and CEO
Openpath James Segil Co-Founder and President
Parabol Jordan Husney CEO
Paravision Doug Aley CEO
Plato Design John Milinovich CEO
Presto Rajat Suri CEO
Prima Christopher Gavigan Founder and CEO
Quartzy Adam Regelmann Founder and COO
Ribbon Health Nate Maslak / Nate Fox Co-Founder and CEO / Co-Founder and CTO
Ro Zachariah Reitano Co-Founder and CEO
Roofstock Gary Beasley Co-Founder and CEO
Ruist Stephen Ehikian Co-Founder and CEO
SelfMade Brian Schechter CEO
Shoptiques Inc. Olga Vidisheva Founder and CEO
Sidewalk Labs Dan Doctoroff CEO
Sift Jason Tan CEO
Skillshare Matt Cooper CEO
SkySafe Grant Jordan CEO
Small Door Josh Guttman / Florent Peyre Co-Founder and CEO / Co-Founder and President
SmartAsset Michael Carvin Co-Founder and CEO
Snapdocs, Inc. Aaron King Founder and CEO Neil Capel CEO
Splash Ben Hindman Co-Founder and CEO
Standard Bots Evan Beard Founder and CEO
Stanlee R. Gatti Designs Stanlee R. Gatti Founder
Sundia Corporation Bradford Oberwager CEO
Sunlight Health Ross Feinstein CEO
Superplastic Paul Budnitz CEO
SV Angel Ron Conway Founder
ThirdLove Heidi Zak / David Spector Co-Founder and Co-CEO / Co-Founder and Co-CEO
thisopenspace inc. Yashar Nejati CEO
Thrive Capital Joshua Kushner Founder and Managing Partner
ThunderCore Inc. Chris Wang CEO
Tillable Corbett Kull CEO
Uniform Teeth Meghan Jewitt CEO
Viosera Therapeutics Nicholas Goldner / Christopher Bulow Co-Founder and CEO / Co-Founder and COO
Virtual Kitchen Co Ken Chong CEO
Voxer Irv Remedios CEO
Voyage Oliver Cameron Co-Founder and CEO
Watsi Chase Adam / Grace Garey Co-Founder and CEO / Co-Founder and COO
WayUp Liz Wessel Co-Founder and CEO
Whalar Neil Waller CEO
Wizeline Bismarck Lepe CEO, inc. Dennis R. Mortensen Founder and CEO
Y Combinator Geoff Ralston President
Zola Shan-Lyn Ma Co-Founder and CEO


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Despite all this, in 2020 the Second Amendment is Alive and Well, but we all need your help. Falling in line, companies like Kroger are no longer willing to carry magazines about guns, stopping you from getting our magazine. Check it the statistics here.

the 2nd amendment is alive and well

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25 responses to “Here’s a List of Companies That Support Gun Control”

  1. Richard de Veas says:

    You forgot X-products!

  2. Kerry says:

    Very few recognizable names. No idea what most of these make/produce. I suspect there are more recognizable subsidiaries.

  3. Scott says:

    So many missing from this list it makes it completely irrelevant.

    • Mike says:

      Read the actual article. These are CEOs who went out of their way to send a letter to congress. The author does not say it’s a comprehensive list of anti-gun companies.

      • JW says:

        Read the title of the article:
        Here’s a List of Companies That Support Gun Control

        It doesnt say ” here is a list of CEO’s”

        Typical headline don’t match the article BS.

        Recoil is known for advertising, not relevant info.

  4. Deb M says:

    The largest Liberal company out there FACEBOOK!

  5. Wesley C. Patterson says:

    you forgot McDonald

  6. Mr Smith says:

    Missing FedEx and Walmart. Their anti-Second Amendment policies can be found on their websites. They’re actively lobbying for bans.

    • David McMurray says:

      Please provide a link or information that FedEx is
      anti gun. I have not seen that on there website.
      I have worked there for 17 years and no one has ever said anything about gun control. A lot of us employees are gun owners and 2nd amendment supporters.

  7. Mike Linsley says:

    You forgot the NRA.

  8. James says:

    I own Pinterest stock. I will sell the loser company’s stock on Monday

  9. J.lopez says:

    Every person who is Anti gun Anti 2A is well protected
    With private security or is a Full Carrier! That is a fact!

  10. William says:

    Can you create a list of companies that support the 2nd amendment?

  11. Robert Cole says:

    And why is WAL-MART not on there.

  12. Ron F says:

    Thank You for doing this article and articles like this one. This helps us to Know what companies to clearly avoid. I hope you will do a story on good companies that do support our rights as well.

  13. Janet DiBernardo says:

    You turds, keep jabbing the sleeping giant ! We are waking with a mighty roar !! Happily I was patronizing one loser on that list . No more .

  14. Rodney Greenman says:

    I guess we should always check the list of stores and shop that are burned an looted to see if they are anti gun.Then and only then feel sorry for there lose.OH,Iguess if they had a gun they would not of let there shop be burned in the first place?

  15. Victoria Turnidge says:

    Hi..just found your web site. Thanks for the update. I’m a firm supporter of our second admendment rights. Gun owner for many years. Thanks again.

  16. Franklin says:

    Add Recoil Magazine to the list of antigunners.

  17. Lee says:

    Commie companies can kiss my rump. They will not get a dime from me. God Bless The USA.

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