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Hexmag Receives Patent for the True Riser System

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If you are in a capacity restricted state, you may already be familiar with Hexmag's True Riser System. Recently, they received a patent for it.

Here are some details.

Hexmag Receives Patent for the True Riser System

Hexmag has recently been awarded the patent on our True Riser in our 10 and 15 round magazines. This patent is very important to us as we have developed an evolutionary system to offer factory made 10 and 15 round magazines for capacity restricted states.

Hexmag 2

The Hexmag True Riser system for standard size Hexmag magazines was carefully engineered, with the Ar-15 consumer in capacity restricted states mind. You get a standard size magazine that is magazine pouch friendly, looks natural in your AR-15 and can still be dissembled for normal, routine cleaning/maintenance or to change the HexID system.

It features our patented True Riser and a short spring, the True Riser brings the base of the spring up mimicking internally, a dedicated 10 or 15 round tiny magazine without the drawbacks of a tiny magazine. This has all been done here at the Hexmag facility to eliminate 3rd party dealer “blocking”, “pinning”, or “gluing” the magazines. Ultimately saving the dealer and consumer considerable amounts of money. Hexmag 10 and 15 round magazines have the same MSRP as the standard capacity 30 round Hexmag magazines of $14.99.

Hexmag 3

Our HX10/30 10 round magazines were made for California, New York, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Maryland, Chicago, Connecticut, Washington DC. The Hexmag HX15/30 15 round magazines were made for New Jersey and Colorado. If you live in one of these states or areas with a magazine capacity restriction you are not alone, rest assured that Hexmag has your back.

All Hexmag magazines come with a Lifetime Warranty.

About Hexmag according to their self-description:

Hexmag, founded in early 2013, was a prototyping exercise in 3-D design and printing. We chose an AR-15 magazine as our project. We found out it was not easy to create a working AR magazine. Getting the AR magazine to fit in a lower receiver and stacking exactly 30 rounds into the magazine was not easy. Then firing those rounds reliably made our task almost impossible. Rather than give up on our design efforts after one attempt, we kept working on the project. We refined our design again and again. We were driven to make it work.

We presented our final design to our local gun community expecting mixed reviews. We were surprised at how many people said; ” If you make that magazine I would buy it”. It was at this point we made the decision to move forward with the project and manufacture our Hexmag 30 round HX30-AR magazine. The Hexmag name came directly from the magazine’s design.

We were just a few guys with a passion for firearms and a crazy idea that we could actually make an AR magazine with some great features and be successful at it.

Our magazine design went through an additional six months of testing and design changes before we were happy with the final results. It fit into our rifles and continued to feed rounds when we pulled the trigger. We were no longer making 3-D prints, but polymer reinforced AR-15 magazines.

We approved the final magazine specs in November of 2013. As 2014 began, we continued to evaluate every aspect of our design and its ability to withstand abuse, fit properly in a rifle, and most importantly, was reliable. We were happy that our Hexmag AR magazine met the high standards we had set for our product.

In March 2014 we officially sold our first HX30-AR magazine. Hexmag broke the magazine design mold when it introduced its first product. Our patent pending design provides a superior grip that is missing on other magazines; it just looks and feels better. We spent a great deal of time testing our design, and chose not to rush into production even when we knew the market in 2013 was selling AR-15 magazines at a phenomenal rate.

You can find them online here.

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