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“Hi-Speed Flying Hole Saw” – 10mm R.I.P.

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G2 Research has advised they're releasing a new round. They describe it as a 10mm R.I.P. (Radically Invasive Projectile), tested at H.P. White Labs at 1220fps from a ‘5 in. handgun.'

G2 says, “…firing this bullet downrange is like firing a hole saw at a target.”

Because nothing says legitimate like Billy Mays style advertising (though hey, if it works…)

The R.I.P. round is described by G2 as follows. Please read it in Don LaFontaine's voice.

The key to the R.I.P. round's devastating effect is its exclusive bullet construction that causes the round to fragment into several separate controlled copper fragments thus causing more bleeding, trauma and pain all designed to stop an attacker quickly. The fragments are called trocars and the .380ACP, has 7 and there are 9 for all the other listed calibers.

When the R.I.P. round enters the target, the large hollow point creates a huge temporary wound and the individual Trocars peel from the bullet body and spread in a controlled, multi-inch circular wound pattern while the bullet base continues traditional penetration.

No need for hyper velocity: G2 Research found that higher velocities do not significantly increase the R.I.P. round's devastating results. On top of that, these lighter weight bullets loaded to reasonable power levels result in much lower recoil and noise, making for very quick follow-up shots (if necessary) even in small lightweight handguns.

The all copper R.I.P round will penetrate heavy winter type clothing and is safe for use in handguns with polygonal rifled barrels (such as Glocks, certain H&Ks and Glock's unsupported chamber).

Each R.I.P. bullet is individually machined on a six-axis CNC machine and it is this precise one-at-a-time machining and subsequent loading into an over the top quality cartridge case that contributes to the higher price point. Then again, this is not plinking or target ammunition and sometimes you just gotta ask yourself: What is my life is worth? Would I spend $200 bucks to live a few more years?

All the trocars. All the damage.

RIP Ammo 2

There's more background. Read this stretch in Hal Douglas's voice.

All G2 rounds are velocity tested in actual handguns, available over the counter to the public. These are neither custom guns with special barrels nor are they test barrel fixtures.

When it comes to having to use lethal force for self-defense you did not want this fight. You were attacked because the attacker felt you were weak, vulnerable and easy to harm or kill. This is the reason why muggers, rapists, etc. do not attack law officers in uniform – they are perceived to be able to fight back. A civilian is different story – and for a civilian who probably is not wearing body armor, stopping the fight quickly is vital! You have little time to react, fire, and hopefully stop the attacker in time.

Most real firearm experts will tell you if you do not hit something of structural importance in an attacker's body (like the hip or knees or significant fight-stopping vital organ like the heart or brain for example) before the attacker bleeds enough to cause him to collapse from blood loss or trauma he may be able to function long enough cause great harm or worse to you. And to be brutally honest, if your round spreads enough in the target to also cause extreme pain that may be all you need to stop the attack. This then is part of the mission, aside from additional basic trauma, of the several separating Trocars. The key to self-defense is not to kill the attacker but to stop the attack, and the best result for all.

Yet it is important to retain enough bullet weight and solid penetration to cause damage further in and to possibly create movement-stopping bone damage. It is an ugly scenario, but that is what bullets are designed to do. But can one bullet do it all? Deliver energy, deliver big-time trauma and bleeding, cause significant pain, and deliver penetration? No!

The single do-it-all bullet is a myth (so far) but the G2 Research R.I. P. round gets pretty darn close in meeting the elements of the perfect bullet. The R.I.P round delivers lots of trauma, significant pain, enhanced bleeding due to the wide spread of the Trocors and temporary and permanent wound channels, and good penetration. All in all a pretty devastating self-defense round for the defender if surviving an attack is the goal.

Let me be clear — I'm not a hater on the round. I'm not a ballistician, and I was starkly reminded at that VCQB course at 88 Tactical just how much I don't know (and that I don't know I don't know it). This may be the finest ammunition in its caliber on the planet and could very well vaporize an armored sicario with a single round. I don't know, I haven't tried it. I just can't help but snicker  at all the adverbs and adjectives; I think if G2 wants to be taken seriously they're doing themselves a gross disservice with this sort of marketing.

Personally I'd like to see the results of some autopsies performed on one or more villains who met a well deserved end courtesy of an R.I.P. round and I'd like to see video and still imagery of multiple serious ballistic gelatin tests under controlled conditions by an independent 3rd party that knows a lot more than me. You can read more about the R.I.P. rounds on their tech page, but I don't see any supporting ballistic information with a cursory check. They're going to have to change that if they want to defeat the perception they're a ‘gimmick ammo.'

RIP Ammo 1

Meantime, prices are below. Caveat Emptor.

  • .380ACP…….62-grain……1,250 fps……….$49.99 MSRP
  • 9mm………….92-grain …..1,265 fps……….$49.99 MSRP
  • .357Sig………92-grain……1,400fps………..$56.99 MSRP
  • .40S&W……115-grain……1,080fps………..$54.99 MSRP
  • 10mm………115-grain …..1,220fps………..$56.99 MSRP
  • .45ACP…….162-grain…….. 975fps………..$59.99 MSRP

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