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High Altitude, Steep Angle, Precision Mountain Shooting Seminar

This coming May 19th in Estes Park CO, the Mountain Shooting Center LLC will be holding a high altitude, steep angle, long range shooting seminar. We've covered high angle shooting before, and it certainly is not a common skill set.

Here's what they have to say about it:

Join Ward Brien of the Mountain Shooting Center along with Dr. Lyman Hazelton, Astrophysicist and Ballistician, for a special technical seminar on Mountain Shooting, in beautiful Estes Park, Colorado. This one day, classroom technical seminar will address many aspects of successful shooting in the mountains that are not typically covered in field courses. Lunch and handouts are provided.

Participants receive a Certificate of Attendance, a 25% discount on Angle Cosign Indicators & mounts and 10% off the tuition for any 2018 MSC High Altitude-Steep Angle Shooting course!

Topics that will be covered are:

■The “One Round Down” Philosophy
■Precision Rifle Shooting Challenges above 8000ft
■Cartridge Selection
■Essential Equipment
■Rifle System Anatomy
■Ballistic Software and Calculators
■Unique Mountain Weather Effects
■High Altitude Internal, External, and Terminal Ballistics
■Optical Anomalies
■Taking the shot
■Mastering Extreme Angle Fire at Long Distance High Altitude
■Why “Hold Over” Techniques with grid reticles are ineffective
■Anatomy of a Successful Extreme Long Range Engagement

We'll told seating is limited. The seminar price is $300

For more information visit the Mountain Shooting Center.

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