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Highjak 86: the most tactically tactical tacticool guy EVER

I'm not sure what is sadder – the fact that some “mall ninjas” continue to promote gear over training, or the fact that people continue to think Highjak 86 was serious when he made this video. To be clear: it is satire, though some of the comments are better than the video itself even now two years later.

Start your work week with a laugh. Watch the “Most Tactical AR15…EVER!”

Note – when I use the term “mall ninja” I am not poking fun at citizen shooters. I am well aware of the many civilians who do yeoman work with their weapons. In fact, I've seen many shooters with far better Curriculum Vitae than me schooled on the range by civilians who take their training very seriously. I've personally been soundly put in my place by such shooters, some of whom may or may not be named Dieterle, Kupa, Frayer, Horony, Pucciarelli, Zucciarelli,  Engskow, Wallach, Goerlich, Jordan, etc. etc. ad nauseum.

It's so much worse when it's a female or a ginger that schools you. *sigh*

Quality equipment and proper fighting accessories are a force multiplier, but no amount of gadgeteering will compensate for a basic lack of marksmanship. The most Gucci blowout kit in the world is useless if you or your family are clueless when the bleeding starts. Prepare accordingly.

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