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It’s a love story. Sometimes it’s a brief courtship that leads to an inseparable bond, other times, a long tale of woe that leads to a tragic end; ultimately, we all hope to find that one, true partner that stays at our side through thick and thin. Alas, we get fat or move onto new sidearms and end up feeding that box in the back of the closet a fresh Kydex meal every now and then. There’s no end to our search for the perfect holster.

Keeping in mind the romantic notion that somewhere out there, there’s a holster for everyone, we’ll use this space in each issue of CONCEALMENT to highlight the latest and most interesting holsters to hit the market.

BlackPoint Tactical
DualPoint Holster System
Black, Golden Brown, Crazy Horse
BlackPoint’s new DualPoint appendix carry holster starts with a traditionally molded thermoplastic shell and accepts sidecar, bolt-on accessories that let you plus up with a spare mag, a light, or a tourniquet. The add-on mag carrier (shown) is $35. Out of the box, the holster is set up to carry AIWB, but it includes parts to convert the holster for low-profile, outside-the-waistband carry. The loop on the grip side acts as a strut to push the grip during AIWB carry and adjusting a few screws allows for ride height and cant adjustment. It’s a versatile rig, and BlackPoint is rolling it out to fit the usual suspects in multiple configurations.

Mean Gene Leather
Burrito Holster (IWB)
It’s hard to beat the utility of a thermoformed polymer holster, but there’s something to be said for the charm and warmth of a hard-worn leather holster. MGL’s Holster Burrito (IWB) for subcompact single stacks, such as the Glock 42, Glock 43, and the M&P Shield, almost looks like a simple bucket holster until you take notice of the details. There’s a sight channel elegantly formed by overlapping layers of leather, and retention is provided by the patent-pending, heat-treated springs used in the MGL’s Magazine Burrito. The holster also accommodates pistols equipped with a Streamlight TLR-6 weapon light.

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