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MAKE: Crossbreed
MODEL: Founder’s Series SuperTuck IWB Holster and Executive Gun Belt
FITS: Too many to list
MSRP: Starting at $90 and $85
The SuperTuck IWB is one of our favorite holsters for comfort and convenience when carrying IWB, and we’re glad to see Crossbreed’s stayed true to the original with this release honoring the company’s founder, Mark Craighead. The holster sticks with the simple hybrid design that relies effectively on pressure from the belt for added retention. Crossbreed honors Craighead by using top shelf, undyed, 11-ounce, 100-percent vegetable tanned leather for the holster and separately available Executive Gun Belt. Each holster and belt has its own look, as the hide used by Crossbreed has natural oils and tallows applied under pressure, imparting each piece of hide with a unique appearance. Crossbreed says the leather pieces range from deep browns to light tans. Whatever you get, the combination of leather against your body and polymer on your pistol makes for a good compromise among comfort, retention, and protection of your pistol’s finish.


MAKE: Advanced Holster
MODEL: Mini Concealment Holster Glock 42/43
FITS: All Glocks (Generation 3 onward) and S&W M&P Shield 9 & 40
MSRP: $30
We’re generally not fans of minimalist holsters. They all seem like a good idea until you notice a bit of corrosion on your slide, feel the hot touch of angry steel beneath your boxers during a range session, or return a pistol to its holster. All these downsides apply to the broad category of secured and unsecured trigger guard enclosures. We won’t say Advanced Holster’s take cures all those ills, but it does address the holstering issue. There’s enough of a channel in the holster to guide the muzzle into place, while other micro holsters typically make it nearly impossible, not to mention unsafe, to holster up without using two hands and, in most cases, removing the device from your pants. It still takes a little practice to holster with the MCH, but it’s doable. If you’re into deep concealment and you’re down with the compromises of a holster like this, then it’s likely a well-spent $30.

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